Race Day Shoes - Ideal Mileage (Read 130 times)


    Do you have an ideal mileage on your race day shoes?


    I have 3 pairs of Saucony Grid Type A5's.  I'm currently rotating through two for training and saving 1 pair strictly for my upcoming half marathon.  Do I need to put miles on the shoe or can I just run on them "out of the box"?

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      30 or more miles, ideally.

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        I get 500-600 miles out of a pair of shoes.  I like to have @ 100 miles on them before a marathon and at least one long run.

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          I get a lot of miles out of my shoes (800 - 1200), but I like at least 100 before I race in them.  Once they get to around 700, I'd race in a newer shoe as the uppers are normally ripping by then and I don't like to risk it.

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            For any kind of long race I like to have done at least one run of 15+ in a pair of shoes and probably a couple of shorter runs.  I swear that sometimes a pair of shoes from the same model will fit / feel different.  I do the longer run to make sure I didn't get a fluke pair that is weird.  Beyond that as long as they are less than 250 miles or so I'm good.

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              Racing Sunday and I've got 50 miles (including one 20 miler) in my final pair of DS Trainer 16s, preserved for just this occasion.


              That's for a marathon.  Anything shorter I'd be pleased with less break-in or much greater mileage.  I have used racing flats with a mile on them in a 5K, but I wear those strictly for the psychological effects...

                I had 6.4 miles on my last pair of Skechers Go Runs before I ran a half marathon in them a month ago.


                I'm saving that same pair for my marathon coming up on Sunday, they have 71.8 miles on them now and don't plan on running in them again until the marathon.


                If I didn't have 2 other pairs of the same shoe model that I purchased at the same time I wouldn't have been as confident in going out with so few miles on them on that first half marathon though.

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                  I typically try to race in a pair that has under 150 miles.  The higher mileage shoes (over 250 miles) are reserved for easy runs and ultimately sent off to Africa to benefit a charity that I support: Shoe4Africa

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                    At least 50. No upper bound except for the regular wear-out time.