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Proboscis Colossus

    I think you're both wrong...I've heard a lot of good things about the documentary RBG.





    MTA:  Gah!  Joke ruined by the page break!

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    Joann Y

      Agh! Holy cow I am so excited to see this. Free Solo (Alex Honnold).


      This (especially this!) and The Dawn Wall both ended up being awesome films. The Dawn Wall was great to watch first as you get a little background into Tommy Caldwell and what makes for a world class free climb. Then to see Free Solo was really just mind blowing. I need to see it again. It's a lot to take in exactly what he did and see it on film. Highly recommend both of these if you're into that kind of thing. Alex Honnold is a funny character to say the least, and inspiring.

        The Dawn Wall isn't playing anywhere near me BUT, it's supposed to be on Netflix soon.


        Mmmm.... toasty

          +1 for "Free Solo." Saw it today: completely awesome. A lot in common between the runner and climbing lifestyle, I thought.


          Also seen recently:


          *Vice: an interesting history lesson/study in Machiavellian power acquisition, though it went on a bit too long

          *The Favourite: good movie-making, a little chilly in tone (liked "The Lobster" better)

          *Bohemian Rhapsody: really great if you're a Queen fan, might be a good rock-and-roll movie if you aren't (I'm the former so can't tell)

          *Mary Queen of Scots: pretty good

          *Widows: definitely good - very intense, somewhat violent

          *Will You Ever Forgive Me: very good

          *Instant Family: surprisingly good/deep once you get past the formulaic first 30 min

          *The Old Man and the Gun: good enough for 90 min entertainment. Interesting insights on growing old alone

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