Circuit Training for Track 2011 (Read 665 times)

    So I have come off why I would like to think a very good HS XC season (brought my Trail 5k PR down to 19:44 from 22:10) but I still feel I really don't have any legitimate speed. I know for a month or two I should probably just do easy slow runs to maintain my base, but I think I should be doing some circuit training consistantly throught the winter. (I'm 5'11" and about 128lb I could use some more muscle). So I was wondering if any of the veterans had any advice on what I should do to really get some explosive power for my 1600m and 3200m races on the track.



      circuit training is good as supplemental training, but to improve your 1600 and 3200 times you need a running program as your primary focus.

      You need base with a sprinkling of speed for form. After, or with, the base you need endurance/stamina more so than speed.  Back when I ran the 1600 and 3200 it wasn't because of my lack of speed that I didn't do as well as I liked, and/or got passed late in the race. It was my lack of base and endurance from a winter of wrestling season. Wrestling conditioning is awesome circuit type training, but does very little for running endurance.