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    OK, I'm 44 years old, and in the first 44 years of my life, I have been running for maybe two weeks (tried to start a few times, but probably I always started to fast, to far, to often, and as a result gave up after only a few days - and my previous running shoes were simply to small!). I started running only two months ago (did the C25K), and since then I seem to be hooked. I'm running now 3x30 minutes a week, and I'm running with a friend. For the next three weeks, I'm off from work (I had many many hours of overtime, and had to take them before the end of the year.) Because running is really fun, I'd like to increase the amount of time spend, especially during these weeks. Of course the first thing I should think about, is just to make one of my runs a little bit longer, but the 'problem' is that I'm running with a friend, and she has a very busy time at work just know, and would like to stick to those 3x30 minutes until January. Another factor that makes me want to add another run, is that in Europe, daylight saving time started today (just like in the US I think), and on weekdays, my friend can only run in the evening. But I like to run in the forest - so beautiful this time of the year - but I don't want to do that after dark. I haven't had any problem to complete C25K, maybe because I wasn't a complete coach potato, but already had some cardio-pulmonar fitness (biking and mountain hiking). But of course, especially biking does not ask the same of my muscles and joints as running does (neither does mountain hiking, but at least that is a bit tougher for your knees than simply walking). Although I was concerned about my knee, that can be extremely painful (for days) after a long and very steep descent, I haven't felt the slightest trace of pain during/after running. I know it won't be wise to add a 30 min trailrun to my weekly scheme, but can I relatively safely add a 15 min run?

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      I think that also more than 30 min should be o.k. - as long as you don't get troubles with your legs or feet and as long as you don't become too tired! I started running with the project Von-Null-auf-42 (from-zero-to-42) of the German broadcasting company SWR about two years ago. I was 46 years old at that time, had tried to start already several times before, ... So more or less just like you!!This project aimed at making people run and complete (!) their first marathon after one year of training (and keep them motivated to go on afterwards!). Independent of starting conditions as age, weight, fitness, experiences in sports, etc.. I didn't want to run a marathon after such a short time, but I ran my first HM after about 9 months of training. And I'm still running, doing many races, and had never problems with injuries until now! The project responsible was Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, an ex European Champion of 5000 m and a medical doctor for sports medicine and prevention. He and his team developed training schedules that seem to have worked well for many, many of the participants (thousands!). They started already with 4 training days (but never fast running !) per week from the very beginning: 1. Month: 2 x 30 min, 1 x 40 min, 1 x 50 min 2. Month: 1 x 30 min, 2 x 40 min, 1 x 50 min 3. Month: 2 x 30 min, 2 x 40 min, 1 x 60 min The project was so successful, that it has been extended to walking and biking in the meantime. You can find the training schedules, a lot of information and a forum - all in German language (but maybe I read that you understand it) - on http://www.swr.de/lauftreff/trainingsplaene/index.html So, as long as you enjoy it just do your supplementary run in the forest once per week! I think that is also very good for motivation. I love to run in the forest!!! Ciao Regina

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        I know it won't be wise to add a 30 min trailrun to my weekly scheme, but can I relatively safely add a 15 min run?
        Hi, Ann. It sounds to me like you'd be fine doing that as long as you're not trying to run those 15 minutes really fast. Give it a try for a few weeks (since you're off anyway) and if everything goes well you maybe could start making your trail run a little longer. Congratulations on your new running addiction! Big grin Janell

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          Add another run. You'll still only be running every other day. Make one run each week a little bit longer than the rest; make one a little bit faster. As long as you're still having fun, of course; if that extra run makes you decide you hate running, go back to 3 a week. But it won't. Smile
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            You could easily add another run. Right now, total time is about....90 minutes, right? I would say you could do 2 runs of 25, 1 of 35, and 1 of 15 (this time thing is not what I'm used to, so the numbers are rough). If you start to feel pain, just back it off some.