Tempos with a jogging stroller (Read 445 times)

    I would like to run some tempos for an upcoming half marathon but I will have to do them with a jogging stroller. I would like to run 9 minute miles during the half. Any suggestions on what times I should shoot for in my tempo workouts or should I just run as fast as I can pushing my extra 30+ pounds? Thanks.
      I would just go as fast as I can with the 30 pounds. I have a double jogging stroller that it very easy to mauever and control. And I can't IMAGINE doing tempos with it. It's not even my legs that get warn out; it's my arms! So instead of tempo with the stroller, maybe do fartleks. Aim to run as fast as you can to the next stop light, or the next cross street, or the next 'enter-your-landmark-here'. Good luck with the training!
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      Burninated Peasant

        If it helps any, I ran a 5k with a jogging stroller (and 30 lb kid) this weekend, and my best guess is that the stroller added about 12-13% to my time. It's hard to tell though, since I'm completely guessing about the impact of traffic and about the time that I would have run without the stroller. A 9:00 mile would become a 10:08 mile with that kind of difference.