When do you toss your socks? (Read 122 times)


    Not that I'm a sock hoarder or anything. I was just noticing yesterday that I have quite a few pairs of socks where the bottom is visibly worn out, just on this side of developing nice large holes. I don't think I've ever taken inventory of my socks before, I just toss 'em when I see a hole, I don't bother mending them.


    I'm curious, do you all actively monitor or rotate your socks? When do you toss your socks?


      I keep socks way longer than I probably should.  Just recently read Fix Your Feet and he recommends replacing socks when they start t show wear (e.g. you can see through the fabric, holes, etc.).


      I tossed a few old pairs after reading that.

        when there are holes. I get holes way before any elasticity is lost. socks seem to last me several years.

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          Depends, there are a few that I mend.

          Last year I bought a pair of summer Injinji and got a hole in the big toe after the first run. Not blaming the manufacturer, it was a 37km trail race on the dunes and I fell head over descending a dune and hit the only stone in miles around with my big toe causing loss of toenail. 

          As this was an expensive pair I mended it. I also use to mend some of my fave socks like a pair of black Falke that are something like 7 years old. I don't use them for running any more but I keep them.

          The rest is replaced rather quickly, namely as soon as my wife sees one with a hole in it, she is lightning fast detecting them, sometimes with help of my dog who is an expert in stealing them, so that when he grabs a pair of my running socks and Patricia intercepts him she takes advantage to check if they are OK or not. 

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            I never have, never occurred to me.

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              When they get holes on the bottom part, usually by the big toe or heel, they get tossed. I don't worry about thinning or holes on the ankle part. I don't rotate or keep track other than the older socks get stained after a while and I may use those on a muddy rainy day rather than newer white socks. When they lose elasticity they become socks for yard and garden work. When I buy socks I just get white ones with ankles and I don't like them made with really thick fabric. These are sometimes sold as "work socks". I just have a few colored socks for dress occasions, not running.

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                I never have, never occurred to me.




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