Downtime from the racing schedule (Read 87 times)


    How do you deal with downtime before your next big training cycle?  I'm feeling fairly lazy, like I'm losing my fitness, but there are other pressing needs at the moment.

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      I've done a few different things.  Typically, I'll do a lot of speed work and focus on running shorter races like 5 or 10Ks.  I also try to hit the gym and do some weight training.  Although, I haven't been very good at that last part lately.  I haven't lost any fitness from going this route.  I might gain a little weight but it doesn't take much for me to shed it.


      This time, I decided to do a lot of racing.  I've done 7 races in the 3 months since my marathon - 2 halfs, a 10 Miler, 2 10Ks, and 2 5Ks.  It's been... interesting.  It was fun in the beginning and I've brought home a lot of hardware.  But, I'm definitely raced out at this point.  I also decided to return to my other sport (field hockey).  It's been fun thinking about getting better (or at least trying to be as good as I used to be) at something other than running.


      But, yeah, at this point I'm chomping at the bit waiting to start my next marathon cycle at the end of the month.  I'm sure I'll feel differently by October, though.  Wink

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