Interval duration resetting to 0 and maps vanishing (Read 18 times)


    Hi all.  I uploaded all of my runs from GPX files downloaded from Garmin Connect.  Now I'm trying to merge into those entries some information that I have on a Google Sheet using the API.  So I get an individual workout, find the corresponding entry on the Google Sheet, add to the workout object all information from the Google Sheet (using Google App Script) that's not already in the workout and then save the workout by posting it to the save workout url given in the API.  As far as I can tell so far, everything seems to work fine except:


    (1) The duration of each interval ends up being set to zero.  I find this really odd because I am not changing any of the interval data.  I'm just posting back to the server the exact interval set that I got from the API.  (I found that if I don't post back the whole workout, whatever I don't post back is lost.)


    (2) The map of the workout vanishes.


    If anyone has any ideas on what I've done wrong here, please let me know.



      Hi bagopux,

      My suspicion is that the GPX files you downloaded contain no useful data.  Someone else had the same problem recently and I asked him to send me one of these files.  I can confirm that this is the problem if you send me one of these files to support@runningahead.com.  You should contact Garmin Connect for further assistance.


      eric Smile


        Eric,  Thanks for the quick response.  My mistake: They were actually TCX files.  I'm not sure why you would say that they had no useful data.  My entire log, including maps and interval sets etc was all created from uploading TCX files directly to RunningAhead.  It was only later, when I tried to add some other information through the API that I started having problems.  I'll email you a file, because I'm sure you will set me straight.  Thanks again.