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    So there is another Quarantine Backyard coming up on July 11th, and I'd like to set a highly ambitious goal for myself of going 25 hours, or 104 miles.  My birthday is on the 12th, and the timing would allow me to get my "birthday miles" in it at the same time.  For those not familiar with the format, it's basically run 4.167 miles every hour.  I'll be doing it all on my treadmill.


    My biggest problem is my current fitness is not great.  I've been running maybe 40 miles a week.  The largest I had run was a few 50 milers, before last weekend doing a 100K in this same format on my treadmill(15 hours).  I was specifically only trying to do 15 hours, so I probably had 1 or 2 more hours in me, but definitely not 25.  But being able to go 62+ felt pretty successful since outside of one 33 miler (an 8 hour attempt), I had nothing over about 12 miles in many months.


    My concerns outside of it being way too hot in July, is that my limiting factor was my body just starting to break down.  My hips started getting really bad, and by lap 14 I was only able to keep a 4.8 mph pace, which is too slow to work for more than a few hours.  Even if my mind can fight on, my body needs to be strong enough.


    I'm not fully recovered from my 100K, but I know if I'm going to push it to 100 miles, I need to get stronger.  Suggestions on how to train over the next month or two?  I feel like I should be doing some core training.  I don't know if I should be focusing on long back-to-back slow runs/hikes over the weekends of like 4 hours each day?  I'm going to need to taper a bit, and I need to finish recovering from last weekend, so there's not a lot of time, but I do have a lot of free time these days at least and will continue to through the summer.

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      I didn't get any responses at the time, but just following up for anybody that read or will read this. I did complete my 100 mile run successfully today.  I pushed it back since I got slightly injured from building up my training too quickly.


      I wound up doing core work about 3 times a week as well as ankle strengthening work.  I think it really paid off as well as a solid pacing plan.  I developed a shin splint at mile 90 or so that forced me to dramatically slow my pace, but I was able to complete it.  So the biggest take away for anybody looking to step up to these longer distances is I don't think you can as easily get away with ignoring this stuff, like you can get for a marathon.  It might cost you a minute or two there, but a weak body won't make it a 100 miles.

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        SR - this is an amazing effort, well done.  The last 10 miles sounds brutal.  Was this all done by yourself doing laps of the neighbourhood?

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          Thanks.  It was all on the treadmill actually.  If it was any other race/run I would have shut it down when the shins got bad for fear of a major injury, but stopping at mile 90 of probably my only ever 100 mile effort takes some major discipline.  After ballooning up after the run, the shins are recovering with rest and becoming less painful, so it is looking like it won't be a serious problem.


          It's been less than 2 weeks, and I've already been "back on my treadmill" a few times (just to grab leftover junk snacks I still had by it).

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