advice for dealing with wild life/stray dogs? (Read 968 times)

    I run most of my runs early (4 AM early) in the morning.  The other morning while I was running I had a very strange run in with a four legged animal.  I live in a rural area in a very small town.  Since it was still dark I ran all in town. As I was running I saw a large dog/coyote/wolf like thing cross in front of me about 20 yards up.  I kept an eye on it and as I passed where it ran to, noticed it was croached down and watching me.  I stopped running and walked by clapping my hands, waving my arms and screaming.  I watched it as I passed and started running after I got by it, it crossed behind me and was following me.  At this point I was convinced I was about to be eaten and decided to cut my run short and head home. (perhaps I am a little dramatic here)  I turned the corner and kept watching for it.  I didn't see it for a few minutes, I kept looking back and wouldn't you know it, it was there again, following me and again crouching.  It never made a peep, it didn't bark or anything.  Thank goodness I was close to home and was able to go inside.  I have no idea what it was, we do have coyote in the area but I have never seen one in town and from what I read they are very skiddish and this would be very unusual behavior for them.  I don't think it was a dog, they don't "stalk" like that.  I was pretty scared.  I did buy some pepper spray and will run with it from now on.    Probably should anyways considering the time of day that I usually run.  Due to work schedules, it's really the only time I have to run. Anyone every have an experience like this and what actions do you take to stay safe? 


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      Honestly, from what I understand with dogs if it doesn't come right out and attack you, you're probably safe. It may have been a wild dog or coyote who's territory you were in, and he was just checking you out and making sure you left it's area.


      I would keep the pepper spray on you though.





        Whereabouts in the country are you?


        Chances are it was a coyote. I live in southern California and we do have encounters with them quite frequently, I met one last week very early in the morning.


        Advice is to shoo it away, firmly, loudly, assertively. Same advice you get for bears or mountain lions: make it think you are not easy prey.


        Pepper spray is a good idea too. You can also throw gravel, although stooping to pick up stuff from the ground is not advisable for mountain lions. You want to make them think you're bigger than you really are.


        And yes, it was probably assessing you to see if you were potential prey. Coyotes rarely go after adult humans, but they will stalk small children or animals.

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          There are not wolves in Ohio, which means coyote or dog.


          Coyotes are small, 30lbs up to 45lbs at most.  A large one would be barely over your knee at the shoulder.  You're really not in any real danger from a single, solitary coyote.


          Whether coyote or dog, 99% of the time the best solution is to not act like prey (stopping, waving, and yelling was a good idea).  So is taking a few quick strides in the direction of the animal.  They want weak prey, not strong.  Even with dogs, if they keep following trying to find an opportunity I will keep turning and rushing them until they give up and leave.


          I've had a few encounters with the 1% that see such behavior as a challenge and actually become more aggressive because of it.  These have been Rottweilers, Dobermans and I think a G Shepherd once.  Those got scary and I just backed out slowly and went another way.

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            I've had good luck with facing dogs straight on, and yelling, "NO!!! GO HOME!!!", while pointing away from me. I do have my pepper spray on hand, just in case.

              I've run into lots of coyotes, and they've never made any attempts to attack me.  Even once when I ran into a pack of 5 of them, they still kept their cool and didn't let gang mentality get the best of them.  I'm a small guy too or only around 120 pounds.  Foxes are rare around here.   I believe I've ran into a few though.  Dogs worry me the most.  Sometimes I carry pepper spray with me because of them.  I have my doubts though about how well it would work against the super vicious dogs that have more venom in them than they can handle.  One time I'll never forget I was running in a commercial zone and a mean effing dog that could have been Pitbull mutt with fire in its eyes was headed towards me.  The dog took me by surprise.  I didn't know what to do.  And then at the last second I saw the dog some to a sudden stop and noticed it was chained to a wall. I'd like to carry a stun gun for dogs as mean as that.  I do need a gun license to carry one though.  At least I just heard the Federal Appeals Court repealed the concealed weapons laws in this state, so that will make it even easier to carry one, if I decide to get a gun license. 


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                    There is a mace store right next to my LRS. I need to go there tomorrow before the LRS group run, since SRL decided to share those terrifying threads.




                      There is a mace store right next to my LRS. I need to go there tomorrow before the LRS group run, since SRL decided to share those terrifying threads.


                      Why would you need mace for a group run? Just don't be the slowest runner in the group. 

                        For running after dark, a good weapon is a bright flashlight.  I carry a Maglite MiniMag 2AA LED for night running.  Shine that thing in its eyes, and it can't see a thing. 

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                          Why would you need mace for a group run? Just don't be the slowest runner in the group. 


                          She's thinking ahead. After the maces the first person for making a terrible joke, the joke quality is sure to rise.

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                            I've asked this question in another kind of forum, and the general response was the "SSS" method (shoot, shovel, shut-up). The dogs were killing our chickens though, lol. Now, those dogs chase me when I run by.

                            The more I read, the more I am carrying when I run. I'm going to be doing my short little runs with a backpack full of gear at this rate. I read through all the dog threads and I've bookmarked a mace spray on Amazon. We have coyotes around here, bobcats, foxes, and the most terrifying one of all- the opossum.

                              A couple weeks ago, on a midday run through the business park, I had a run-in with ... two wild turkeys!  They've been hanging around for a few weeks and becoming increasing aggressive.  Not turning my back on them, standing tall, running at them, shouting/roaring -- nothing worked.  In fact, I could see they were slowly closing the gap to me.  An approaching car saved me (we were in the middle of the road, as I was trying to reach the trees at roadside in hopes of finding a stick).


                              I'm getting pepper spray.  And cranberry sauce.

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