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Feeling the growl again

    Livestrong isn't the only organization that has scaled back funding research.  You can't just throw money at scientists and have them come up with new and and exciting lines of research every month.  Many of them, Susan G. Komen for example, spend much more on mammograms, cat scans, counseling, wigs, transportation, etc. than for research.

    Awareness programs and prevention programs are a need also.


    The only thing you say that I would not agree with exaclty as written is the point on research funding.  Cancer research is expensive, and many of the newer tools that are really starting to accelerate findings are very expensive (though costs are coming down as the technology matures).  It is an absolute fact that government funding of research has declined substantially in recent years.


    Advances in cancer research are not directly correlated with the volume of money you throw at it, but it is correlated.  If the government is cutting funding, the money has to come from somewhere if we want the advances to continue.


    All of the other things that could be done with the money that you mention I agree are needed.  Patient support is important.  Though on the ground, so to speak, the support of organizations like Komen and others is visible...can't say I personally know of a single patient directly aided by Livestrong.  I am not sold on the "awareness" theme in the general sense...exactly what is it?  According to Livestrong, shipping a groupo $100K of yellow wristbands counds as "awareness".  I am not sure what that accomplishes for the care of cancer patients, it seems more awareness of Livestrong than the type of awareness that leads to earlier diagnosis of disease (saving lives) or proper care/support of paitents (improving lives).

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      Every time you run a race with a yellow wristband, a cancer patient gets a little bit better, and a puppy increases its chances of adoption.



      (Well, only if the wristband has Lance's publicity foundation name in big letters, but that should go without saying.)

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

         I thought this was about Lance phArnstrong, not the Biggest Loser contestants.


        And how many extra hours you take that you don't count in your finish time.


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          In case you all forgot, Lance Armstrong was convicted not only of doping, but also of trafficking performance enhancing drugs. Smile


          Oh, and since we are posting youtubes. (dirty language.)

            great laugh Jeff, and this topic needs it....I dont know George Carlin as well as I should, i might have to pick that show up for my next long drive/flight

              In case you all forgot, Lance Armstrong was convicted not only of doping, but also of trafficking performance enhancing drugs. Smile


              ...not to mention administration, assisting and covering up. 


              I still think it's BS that they don't let the asshole run.