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    Thanks Bill, I am from out of country, so the cheapest I found on the Saucony's is $110 and I was so happy. Will try and shop around some more. Like them a lot.


    btw I love Ross that is my favorite shop.

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      Darn. I thought about stopping in Ross earlier this week when I went to the DMV in the same shopping center.  Might need to head back there.


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        If you're in Eugene, Asics Superblast for $160 at Eugene Running company.

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        Half Crazy K 2.0

          Sierra has lots of shoe options under $100. They are in the same family of companies as Marshall's and TJMaxx. Many years ago they were Sierra Trading Pist. I'm eyeing $59.99 Mizuno Wave Rebellions.


            Saucony Ride 15 for 39% off and Ride TR for 30% off at


            Limited sizes and colors.

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              Nike Vaporfly 2 for $150 (regular $250) on the Nike app. Size and color dependent.

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                  Xero shoes hfs and prio at up to 50% off at xeroshoes.Com