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    Well I finally did something I have talked and dreamed of doing ever since I started running off and on 4 years ago. After many runs and back injuries I was finally able to compete in my first race, It was the Firefighters 10 mile road race in my town of Thunder Bay. One of the oldest races in north america for this distance as it celebrated its 74th year. The weather was a little to be desired but for racing it was not to bad except for the rain. it was 6c with a strong head wind for the first 5 miles but down wind on the last and felt about 10 degrees warmer but when we hit mile eight it started to rain and with the cool temps it was a tough finish. But i was bale to reach my goal of running under a 10min pace and finished in at 1:37:50 for a pace of about 9:40 which i was very pleased with, So with my first race under my belt I'm now committed to race in next year and doing a 1/2 marathon before the year is over with a true goal of doing a full marathon next year for my 50th, which will be real cool...after all what is another 16 mile after you have done 10 Smile

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      Nice job psydog! 10 miles is a big chunk to run for a first race. Most of us start out with 5ks (or 1-mile fun runs, in my case). Nice pace, too! Big grin Good luck on your future racing.

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        Mike, I hope to do my first marathon next year, too--WTG on your 10 miler...isn't racing so fun!? Big grin k

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          Congratulations on competing in your FIRST RACE ... and running it in such a great time! Smile
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            Great job! Now the addiction will begin! Big grin

            When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

              Great job! My Dad ran the same race (I am from Thunder Bay). The old-fart managed to get in just over 80 minutes.... b

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                Great job!! That's quite a first race!
                  Great race! 10 miles as a first, that's awesome. Nice goal of doing a marathon before your 50th. Smile


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                    They're right- 10 miles is a big race for a first! Veeerrrr veeerr niiice. (as in jeffgoblue's avatar). Smile
                      When I saw the title of this thread I thought "Wait, is ten Mikes in one place really THAT significant?" But, I'm an idiot so... Big grin
                        "Wait, is ten Mikes in one place really THAT significant?"
                        It is of the utmost significance, but maybe I'm biased.

                        When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

                          It is of the utmost significance, but maybe I'm biased.
                          I'm a "Mike" also and recall several times in school when there would be 5+ Mikes in a class. The teacher resorted to yelling at us using our last names. Smile But I digress... CONGRATS ON THE TEN MILER! And what a great pace... I'm trying hard to stay under a 10 min/mile for the Chicago Marathon in October, but I have a LONG way to go. Good job!
                            *giggle* Okay, I was trying to think if I know 10 Mikes, and I do! I'll have to have them line up and have them race so I can post the SECOND 10 MIKE RACE. Tongue Sorry, I couldn't hold back any longer.


                              I'll bet we can easily do a 10 Mike Virtual Race here on RA!

                              When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

                                Well at least i did not call it a 10 Milk race Smile...thanks for all the support and the remarks, guess I was a little excited when I posted and did not proof read to well...learned a good lesson Surprised..thanks again from all and yes i'm truly hooked on racing again and for that running in general...ran again this past thusday and friday and had no reall issues except my one foot. Seems that I may have had my laces done to tight when I raced as the top of my foot is killing me. It's like it is bruised from having my shoes to tight, another lesson learned. Has anyone else experienced this problem?