Garmin syncing (Read 555 times)


    I'm getting nothing.

    Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth



    not bad for mile 25

       I'd say take the hint and do just one activity per day. You're making the rest of us look bad.


      You win this thread...except looking at your weekly mileage, who's making us look bad???

        Yesterday's and today's runs have yet to show up. I had to manually input them. It was the worst thing ever in the history of things, and I am dead now.

        A list of my PRs in a misguided attempt to impress people that do not care.


          I am having the same problem.  Any ideas on what is going on?


            Probably a Garmin server interface issue that Eric will have to address.

            Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth



              My manual upload wasn't uploading but right after I posted, it did because of course. So, ignore me.



                My uploads (manual) just showed up for yesterday and today.

                Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth


                eric :)

                  Hi all,

                  The service to process the workouts stopped. It had stopped sporadically before. I'm looking to switch technologies so that it never goes down.


                  eric Smile


                    Thanks, Eric!

                    Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth


                      My Wednesday run seems to be lost in the multiverse. Should I just uploaded it manually?


                        Anyone else not getting their sync this afternoon?

                        And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




                          This reminds me to renew my Subscription!!  Thanks Eric

                            No sync today for me as well.

                            Half Crazy K 2.0

                              So weird, I ran this morning and then did a strength training workout. The strength training synced, the run didn't.


                                For me, I had multiple workouts - the only one that didn't come over was the last one.  The first three workouts all came over.