Garmin syncing (Read 555 times)


    I had three separate workouts this morning ... they all came over no problem.


      Kind of spotty for me -- 4 separate runs today and only one has shown up. It's the last one.


      Tried to upload a missed one from yesterday manually and still haven't received it.

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        I had 1 out of 3 synch this morning.  I've tried uploading the FIT files for the other two but they have not shown up.  something is going on with the server.


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          My run from today still hasn’t synced here. It is on Garmin Connect.

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            i had some stuff yesterday including my run that have not come over....


              same here data from 8/6 not there even though there in garmin connect

                Same. No sync but can't upload data from file either. manual entry works.


                  My yesterday run (noon-ish) cam across from Garmin Connect fine. My run this morning (finished around 8am) has not come over, yet. I'll check again later today, then download the .TCX (?) file from Garmin and try uploading that.


                  Another idea I read is to disconnect Running Ahead from Garmin Connect and reconnect it. I'll try that in a few days if this does not resolve itself since this has happened before and resolved itself.


                    No upload for me this morning.

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                      My sync worked Friday morning, but none since.

                      Angus AT

                        Same here.


                          The cyber gremlins have struck me this morning too. Garmin 645 - I unsynched and resynched the Garmin Communicator Plugin, and tried again - still no luck importing my workout.

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                            Last night's workout synced (~9:30pm EST) but this morning's hasn't done so.

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                              I got one of two this morning. Still waiting on previous ones as well.


                              Tried to manually upload again and got 1 of 6.

                              And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx



                                I'm having issues too so I tried the above of deleting RA from connected apps in garmin connect but now I don't know how to add RA back on Connect.

                                Anybody know ? Thanks

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