Not What I can Do but What Another RA User Can Do! Wow! (Read 237 times)

    This is rachellara (https://www.runningahead.com/logs/c2c68a4cde024726ae2f6c9c9b9b4010)...can't remember how i first started log stalking her (think i was originally looking for fast master women with good half and marathon times and was trying to see what kind of workouts were working for them...)


    makes me realize i've got NO excuses! Wish her well for Boston tomorrow!



    Break on through

      That is some great running!  Very inspirational!

      "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."

        rachellara knocked out a 2:47something.  Congratulations, racehallara!

          <double post>