Les Mis (Read 795 times)


    Not awful. Different.


    +1. The 3D didn't add much to the movie though. I would enjoy as much without 3D.

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      I have seen it twice in London. From the movie ad on TV, I can see it is not as good as the theatre version. It is like the Phantom of the Opera. The movie is far from the stage. All the magic in the theatre just disappears in the movie.


      Having said that, I was disappointed to see Chicago in the theatre after seeing the movie. The dancers were not as good as those in the movie. The light effect wasn't either.


      I will still go to see the movie.

      My brother actually liked the movie more than the Broadway show.



        I saw Les Mis last night with wife and kids.  I have not seen the play only the mid 90s movie with Liam Neeson (loved it).  I'm not a huge musical guy but I liked this movie.  Many of the songs were powerful and some great performances (Fantine, Eponine, Marius, Valjean) although I thought Jackman's voice was straining towards the end of the movie too much.  I didn't care for Crowe's performance at all, too wooden.  This a very compelling story and I'm sure it will win a few Oscars.  The cinematography was wonderful and I liked how the director had the actors looking right into the camera at times.  It gave it a very personal essence.  I wish he ended the movie with Valjean dead and walking towards the bishop and forget the last "grand finale" scene with all of the dead.

        You people, have issues.

          I left wondering how Hugh Jackman got a part with so much singing.


          B+ for the movie.  Would have been A- with a better lead.  Crowe was rather bad but Jackman was worse.

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            <fingers in ears, eyes shut>  la la la la spoiler alerts!! <fingers in ears, eyes shut>


            Running is stupid

              I saw the movie yesterday. It was still very touching but the two main leading roles didn't sing that great comparing to the 10th Anniversary Dream Cast Colm Wilkinson and Philip Quast.

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                I'm one of the odd ones who saw the movie (Les Mis) without having seen a live production.  I would like to see it live, but in either case, I think it's not the best book for a musical.  Sweeping historical novels don't lend themselves to a show; a more compact plot works better.

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.