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    5:15!!! Pretty excited I can't wait to break 5 I think I will maybe my junior year or this year If i really push it hard
    DMHS Track! PRs 800 m 2:26 1 mile 5:15 2 mile 11:49 Goals for this track season 800 m 2:15 1 mile 5:10 2 mile 11:20 Goals for life? Get 18 so I can do ultra marathons or even just marathons
      AWESOME!! You should be excited. Smile My best mile time from HS was 6:23...I think my 10th grade year---- A very long time ago. Sad



        Good effort.... 9 seconds off your mile PR is some improvement

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          Bring it on.

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            Great job! Big grin Looks like it's time to change your footer. And if you're running 5:15 for 1 mile, that means that low 11-minutes (say 11:10~11:20) is attainable for the 2-mile.

            On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

            You'll ruin your knees!

              Great job, Nick! I was a miler (cause I didn't step back like everyone else when coach asked "OK, so who's gonna' run the mile?") in HS and could never break the 5 minute barrier. I also never set goals like you have. You are young and will gain lots of experience in the coming months...I'm bettin' 5:15 ain't your best! Congrats on the PR and good luck! I see you have already discovered trails...don't rush yourself, the trails will be waiting for you... Lynn B

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                Good work, brother. I checked your log, and you're doing it right. Stay consistent and you'll see 4: xx soon.

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                  Good work! Time to change your sig line Big grin
                    Wow! Great job, Nick.

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                      Thanks everyone! My goal by my senior year is gonna be maybe 4:35 or so and then I hope to get into ultra marathons but I still want to achieve 4:20 at some point in my life. maybe in between college and Ultra training. This summer I plan to do maybe 70 miles a week or more to catch up to the 2000 mile thing. I can't right now cause of my races and speed training
                      DMHS Track! PRs 800 m 2:26 1 mile 5:15 2 mile 11:49 Goals for this track season 800 m 2:15 1 mile 5:10 2 mile 11:20 Goals for life? Get 18 so I can do ultra marathons or even just marathons
                        Great Mile Young Man! But don't sell yourself short. Before you posted I was gong to say you should reach 4:3? by 16-17, but if I could do it all over again I'd aspire to go Sub-4 [post H.S.]. You can do it, just don't get distracted. Distraction? you'll learn of this later, you'll see. Wink No Guts, No Glory! Good Luck Nick Smile


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                          congrats. Just keep the mileage up. You may not be able to break 5 this year, but this is the point in your running career where you set long term goals and make a plan. Keep up the good work


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                            That's amazing, Nick! I think my best mile time in HS was about 8 minutes during PE class...I never really pushed myself and wasn't at all a "distance" runner. I'm guessing that 7 would have been the absolute best I could have done. Your time is amazing and I think you will be able to shave considerable time off with your hard work. Big grin k

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                              holy smokes! that's amazing! Shocked wtg!! Smile
                                Wow, congrats! Smile
                                2009: BQ?