How much weight have you gained during virus lockdown? (Read 162 times)


    First off, this is intended to be a playful post for people to come on and whine/rant about how the virus lockdowns have impacted them as an athlete. I am not looking for recommendations, only chatter to help show we are all in difficult situations, some of which I am sure are worse that others.


    No one I know has had the virus and my wife and I still both have our jobs so I try to keep this in mind whenever I start complaining. We have 2 young boys, ages 5 and 1, who are gifts from God but also are currently taking some bribes from Satan while my wife and I both try to work from home. You can see I am posting this before 4 am which is due to me shifting my schedule to get up at 2 each workday to try to get a few hours of quiet time to work while the "angels" are still sleeping. I am obsessively checking the temp of our pool to see if it is warming up but I seem to be able to easily talk my 5 year old into jumping into the pool when it is only 70-74 degrees.


    RUNNING: I have still been able to run 5-6 days a week but I am now almost always pushing a stroller. I have made it a point to try to go out in the first half of the day with my older son running or biking 2-3 miles to get some energy out and the little guy just rides along in the stroller. I am lucky if I am able to get in more than 2 miles on a run and I haven't been able to run more than 6 miles at once in more than 6 weeks. I have stopped tracking my weekly miles because at this point, who really cares given the situation and I know I am still getting out with frequency. My wife has a goal of getting in at least 10 miles per week, which is decent for her since she is still a beginner.


    NUTRITION: You mean what nutrition? When I get stressed, I tend to drink more than I should and my wife makes herself a lot of desserts. We have an unspoken deal that she is going to cut me some slack on the alcohol while I cut her slack on the junk food. It is very difficult to keep yourself from snacking all day when you are stuck at home and have to keep your pantry stocked with food little kids will actually eat. I normally just do a good job with portions and never calorie count but I would have to guess I am taking in an extra 300-500 calories per day due to snacking and drinks. My wife has paused counting points for Weight Watchers.


    WEIGHT: I know I am still getting in cardio each day but it is hardly enough to combat the extra calories. The gym is closed so my upper body muscle tone is fading fast and I can see glimpses of the dad-bod returning. I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in a month and to my amazement, I have only gained 5-6 lbs. I am sure I am losing some muscle density so some of my weight is turning to the dark side of the force. My wife refuses to get on the scale but keeps saying she thinks she has gained over 10 lbs. I haven't noticed any negative changes in her appearance but she has been complaining the past couple weeks that her knees, calves, and ankles have been hurting when she runs so she may have gained a little.


    Anyway, I am lucky to have a big backyard with a pool (still cold) in a big neighborhood which is great for running. I couldn't imagine having these two young kids while working from home stuck in a high-rise apartment in a big city. Please feel free to share your experience over the past 5-6 weeks.


    PS. I think my 1 year old threw away my Garmin watch. I haven't been able to find it in 2 weeks and we keep finding remote controls in the trashcan and clothes hamper. Enough time has gone by to make me feel like it may be gone. Good excuse to use some of my government stimulus money to upgrade 

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      Ha! Andy, love the post and the spirit in which it is written. I've actually lost weight, even though i'm definitely baking more and my girls are getting treats more frequently, i tend to drop weight when i'm stressed. also, not getting the gym strength training right now so probably some of the weight is lost muscle as well.... sigh


      We are also blessed that my husband's income is unchanged and he is working from home. i home school two of my daughters so that hasn't changed anything for us, i just added in my third, although she is autistic and is currently EXTREMELY unhappy with the current state of affairs. She doesn't understand fully and just wants to go back to her normal routine.


      god bless you getting up at two in the morning to get in your work!


        Hah! I understand your point about your "little angels". Some of us are wired to deal with that all day and some of us... aren't. Thank goodness for my ability to get away and run. I've actually switched to doubling most days despite not running nearly enough volume to justify it. Just getting a 35 minute run in twice a day is actually amazing for my mental sanity. I have 4 kids but they're older and a little better at occupying themselves. That said, school has officially been cancelled for the rest of the year so we're forcing them to do "schoolwork" while I try and work from home and the constant arguments are just stress that slowly builds. Possibly the best part about homeschooling is that we've included "home-ec" as a class and my daughter has perfected her chocolate chip cookies, my oldest son has got peanut butter cookies down, one of my twins made Sopapillas the other day …. and other than shoving my face full of veggies at lunch my diet has taken a turn for the worse (and that's without considering the bottle of wine the Mrs and I polish off most nights).


        Anyways to answer your question I'm up 5 pounds but really enjoying the lockdown. Yeah, I miss my running buddies but I'm doing so much more with my family than I normally do and running is providing some me time to stay sane.

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          Thanks for starting this post Andy!  I can appreciate trying to workout with two little's at home.  When my daughter was born I still got to the gym and did some running.  Six months after my son (2nd) was born I gave up my gym membership and returned to my original passion of running...albeit much the same as you - I often ran with a jogging stroller.


          Fast forward 12 years and the kids are distance learning here in NJ - one in high school, the other middle school.  I've been working from home for over 4 weeks full time and my wife, who normally works as a mammo tech at an out patient facility adjacent to the community hospital (0.75 miles from home) is now screening people coming into the hospital and taking portable chest x-rays of COVID patients.  Everyone's schedule is WAY off and there's lots of stress with my wife working in the hospital.  We personally know 10+ people who have /had the virus including 4 next door neighbors in two households.


          I usually work from home 2 days a week but with full time at home I now find myself snacking much more.  Plus, someone is baking brownies or something every other day.  I'm also eating larger portions at meals and yes, I too am finding more regular interest in a beer or a glass of wine than normal.  I've put on 3-4 pounds in spite of getting myself back up to 25+ miles a week.  The big plus with running has been stress relief.  I started running as a kid in part to clear my mind and have always felt these benefits but it's been much more pronounced the past couple weeks.  I come back from a run feeling renewed in mind and spirit and it's a palpable change.


          Hope everyone can keep going with their running.  We're fortunate to live in a suburb with wide streets and as long as I run in the morning I'm not faced with trying to avoid others on the street. It's a much different experience if I run in the afternoon or after work.  The whole town seems to be out on the street!


          Be well.

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            I'm actually down 3 or 4 pounds.

            I'm a naturally scrawny guy and any weight changes for me have to do with muscle mass.

            Every time something prevents me from getting in regular weightlifting workouts, I lose weight.  I have some dumbbells and resistance bands in my basement 'gym" but it isn't the same.

            I'm not complaining though.  I'm getting in plenty of running.  My wife and I both are able to work from home, both daughters are able to do their schooling virtually.  We are all healthy.  Life is good!

              I'm about the same.

              I'd planned on using any free days to do doubles, but that's only happened twice. It SHOULD be an opportunity to build up huge mileage, but I haven't taken advantage of that.

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                I"m actually down about 3 pounds.  The coronavirus has impacted other parts of my life but not my running.  I don't find I'm eating anymore than before.

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                  I got a head start on things by getting to spend 10+ days in February essentially quarantined in the master bedroom due to what urgent care "diagnosed" as an "unspecified viral illness" + pnuemonia. DH brought me food & drink, although I barely ate and dropped 10 lbs. It wasn't until the last week in February/early March that I finally got my appetite back and food seemed appealing. I'm probably up about 4-5 lbs from that. I have dumbbells from 5-40lbs at home, so since I started working from home on March 18, I've been strength training 5 or 6 days per week and running 5 days. I have done more baking than I probably ever did in my life, I make a half batch of cookies cause they seem to go fast.

                    I am up a few but I only weigh myself at my bank which is closed.

                    the bank has this great scale that must be 60 years old.


                    i am working the same .

                    my gym is in my basement.

                    i am trying to try run 3 days a week .

                    my kids are 26 and 30 and the 30 year old is staying with us


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                      I am at my lowest weight in six years.

                        Pretty big weight gain for me. I normally  run 4-5 miles about 5-6 times a week and lift weights with the same frequency. When the quarantine order closed my gym, I thought I would rest my balky knee for a week or two. 4 weeks later, after spending day after day just sitting in a chair while working in the home office, I really noticed a difference.


                        The knee is a bit better I'm happy  to report, and after a week of 7-10 mile walks, I'm running again. As usual for me, it's not the time off that affects me so much as the weight gain. It's amazing how little energy is spent going from bed to kitchen to office and back as opposed to having a normal life and going from car to office, to errands, and other places, etc.


                          Am in the 5th week of WFH and am down 6 pounds.  I'm running a little more than before but I attribute the weight loss to not socializing daily with muffins, donuts, b'fast burritos etc.

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                            I haven’t weighed myself this year...but judging by my clothes...I haven’t lost or gained any weight.

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                              I’m up 5 pounds bc snacks call my name. Working from home means the kitchen is always there.

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