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    So, this non running buddy of mine, tells me he's been working out. Dropped a few lbs. so now he's 185 lbs and 5-9" and 55 years old, still not exactly in great shape. He hits me up on IM, and asks me, "is a 9 minute mile a good pace for ten miles?" I tell him, that depends, for an average runner, our age, that's a great training pace, but for an Olympic class marathoner, not so great. Anyway, he goes on to tell me that he decided to go out on a run, and he ran ten miles at a 9 min/mile pace.


    I told him, I'd have to see it to believe it.  There's no way a non-runner would go out, for their FIRST run ever, and run for an hour and a half. I can see him running, maybe two miles at a 9 min pace. Most non runners give up before they even run a mile. And I remember my first ten mile run, I had to sit in a ice tub of water for an hour afterwards and couldn't hardly walk for a few days.


    So I call bullshit on this one. But, has anyone done something similar?

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      I'll go with BS.

      I ran a 10 mile race in a 8:24 average pace, after 16 years off (of running), on only one month of training. But I did weight training, and used a ski machine to stay in shape all those years, and was racing 10 milers at sub 6 pace before I got hurt back then.

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        If you do not believe him, ask to meet up with him on his next 10-mile run...both of you bring your checkbooks.


          I ran eleventeen miles while reading this post.

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            If you do not believe him, ask to meet up with him on his next 10-mile run...both of you bring your checkbooks.


            I did exactly that, but he claimed he was still too sore to run that far.  But he promised to sometime in the future....

              It doesn't sound unbelievable at all if he's in above average shape, i.e. not a complete couch potato.

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                Not at all impossible, but highly unlikely that he ran 10 miles at a 9 minute pace at 55 years old with no running history.  At 40 years old...maybe.  Not at 55.


                What did he use to measure the distance?


                  Either it's total BS or I hate him. I hope the former.

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                    I'd guess implausible, but quite possible.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


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                      I'd guess implausible, but quite possible.


                      That's what I figure - how do we know he isn't just an amazing talent and doesn't know about it? I've seen guys just as old drink themselves silly and go out and run the next morning faster further despite being sporadic runners. (the kind who run a few times a month)

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                        Get this person to sign up for a 15K.

                          I believe him.


                          If he ends up having lied, let me know, so I can put him on my list of "Those Who Are Banned From My Love."


                            I ran eleventeen miles while reading this post.

                            I am skeptical....


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                              Did you tell him that your dad can beat up his dad?

                              You people, have issues.

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                                I'm leaning toward calling shenanigans on his claim; consider the following:


                                I've been an off-again/on-again runner for the last 40 years (more off than on), however, I was/am a pretty competitive age grouper when I was/am in training.  Last year at the age of 56 I had gotten down to 190(ish) after four months and 450 miles of "getting back into it" training, which on my 5'8" frame is pretty much the same boat your non-running buddy is.  On the last Saturday of last August I ran a hilly 10 mile race on a hot and humid day at an 8:31 pace (1:25:06 to be exact).


                                As I know very well what it takes to run a 10 miler at a nine minute pace at my height, weight, and age, I'm just not buying a non runner on his first outing pulled off such a run.  I strongly suspect he either ran fewer than ten miles, or doesn't know how to tell time.

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