St Augustine FL--running paths? (Read 31 times)


    I am traveling to St. Augustine in a few weeks.  At home (Northeast OH), we have metro parks with paved (or compacted dirt) paths that are designed specifically for running/walking/biking.  I'm wondering if there are similar paths in St Augustine?


    I'm not a strong enough runner to run on the beach, and I prefer to not run on a sidewalk with busy access points to parking lots.  I know the hotel has TMs with 24/7 access, but it would be wonderful to enjoy the beautiful scenery during my daily runs.  I only run 2-4 miles per run.  So, it doesn't have to be a long path at all.


    Any help would be appreciated!

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      I've visited the area a few times, and typically run on A1A Beach and in the older neighborhoods of St. Augustine Beach. I've never seen anything like you are looking for, but you might try the paved roads of Anastasia State Park. I passed by the Moses Creek Conservation Area last time I was there and it looks like there are some trails that might be fun to run. Google found this new park that might suit you: Canopy Shores Park.


        Thanks for the info!!!


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