What are you eating? (Read 1547 times)

    Thank you all for the info.
      I've been working on upping my mileage and straightening out my diet since about May or June. I cut out all caffeine. Mainly I just drink water with an occasional glass of OJ now and then. Lots of water. A minimum of 8 cups per day but usually more like 12-14 plus what I drink with my runs. I try to make sure I pee clear all the time. (Sorry if TMI! Blush) I try to stay around 2000 calories though I'll up it to 2500 or so when my mileage starts getting up there. I have a H/M coming up so I'm eating a lot lately. I use the Nutrition Tracker at www. SparkPeople. com to track the nutrients in my diet so I can see what's lacking. I track carbs, protein, fats (good fats and bad), sodium, cholesterol, fiber, iron and calcium and a few others I can't think of. Helps me see that everythiing is in balance. I avoid most red meat. Eat lots of fish and chicken breasts. Lots of brown rice and whole wheat pastas. Lots of Black beans. As many veggies and fruits as I can stand. I make sure I eat three meals a day and usually two healthy snacks. I try to avoid most prepared foods because they are so high in sodium. Actually keeping track of what I was putting in my mouth really helped me a lot. I saw that I was getting more protein than I thought but nowhere near near enough fiber or calcium and iron. I take a multivitamin every day now as well as a calcium supplement (my mom has osteoporosis), CoQ10 and glucosamine /Chondroiten supplement. Teresa
        I have been vegetarian for over 13 years and have been running for 5 years. I still consume dairy and eggs, the last, moderately since it's high in cholesterol. I've calculated a couple of times whether I get enough protein in my diet when doing higher milage: 35 to 45 miles a week for me. And the quantities seem to be plenty adequate. Obviously, I get a lot of carbs from my diet and the protein comes in from grains, beans, dairy, etc. I read somewhere that the average North American consumes about 4 times the minimum required protein quantity needed, so protein is not really my worry. I make sure to vary the diet to get adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals though. Dark leafy greens such as swiss chard, kale, spinach are great as well as beans and lentils. I never really drink coffee. I do drink beer or wine occasionally, however I seem to loose the taste for booze when doing higher mileage. Always wondered if anyone felt the same.

          Hi Just to throw a spanner in the works... Wink I'm trying something new!! I read this really interesting book called "Slow Burn" by Stuart Mittleman who uses a different approach to the usual carbo-load theory. Might be worth a read! Being interested in nutrition and exercise myself (Sport & Exercise major), I've taken it upon myself to read numerous people's views. I've come to the conclusion (which may seem obvious) that what works for one person may not work for another. It's all about research and experimentation until you find how your body operates. As for me, I've been running 25+miles (taking a little break due to numb foot problem) and the only simple carbs (sugar) I consume is in the marmalade I have on my toast in the morning. Complex cards: fruit & veg and the piece of toast in the morning. Yet, I don't find I have low energy problems. Interesting huh?