Hints to Speed Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis??? (Read 748 times)

    I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot for over three months now and can't seem to shake it. I've stopped running and playing racquetball and instead have been using the eliptical machine and riding my bike. I also do some daily stretching exercises, apply ice to my foot in the evenings and wear a strassburg sock at night. This regimine seems to help, but my foot doesn't seem to be getting much better. I'm very anxious to get back to running...can someon please tell me the best way to speed up the recovery process? Thanks Tom


      i had fasciitis a while back from playing basketball...it lasted about 4 months...i basically try to stay off of it as much as i can and for exercise ended up doing a lot of swimming...i remember how painful it is just to walk..i never did go to the doctor so i'm not sure if there is a speedier medical ways to fix it...although everything medical seems to take longer
        Check with a podiatrist. May be time for the cortisone shots. :: shudder:: Shocked

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          Tom, I too suffered frok a bad time with the same issue. I finally had to see a podiatrist. Not only did it stop my running, but I actually just had problems getting up after sitting or sleeping for extended periods and after driving. I began to do a number of stretches and he also provided me with custom orthotics. That was just over a year ago. I had some problems early on with the orthotics actually causing some knee pain believe it or not. He made some adjustments to them which corrected the problem completely. This Summer I began training for a marathon and I sweat alot. The custom orthotics which have a hard plastic covering were causing a problem with mositure pooling in the front of my shoe. The podiatirst had me purchase a specific brand and model of insole at a running store. He told me that while they were not quite as good as the custom, they are pretty close. They were like $60.00 a pair. I wear them when I run and the customs at all other times. I run anywhere from 70-135 miles a month and I have not had any problems at all. That is the good news. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the insole. I just go to the store and they have it in the computer under my name. I will try to get it this week and post it here. Ken
            Thanks very much to all who took time to respond. I think I'll take Ken's advice and visit a podiatrist. Ken - if you're able to locate the name of the insole.... Thanks again! Tom
              I called the running store today. The insole I use is called Lynco. They have different ones, but most running stores would be able to tell yoyu whcih one you need. It is red. I think they are color coded. Ken
                Thanks very much for the information Ken. tom