So, I have this pain in my hip. (Read 223 times)

    At first I'll try to keep this as short as possible. About 2 months ago, while trying to increase mileage from 3 miles to 5 miles, I experienced some hip and knee pain around mile 4. It was not long lasting. It did, however come back each time I got around 4 or more miles. I ran a half on Oct 27. I used a walk/run strategy since I hadn't run more than 5.5. I did fine for around 8 miles before I started experiencing the same pain. It was terrible by the time I finished. I have tried rest for about 4 days at a time. Also tried running shorter distance on a daily basis. Still hurts. Tried the roller this morning for the first time, before and after the run. Felt good during the run, but now is painful again. The best way to describe the pain is: if I am driving my truck, and need to move my foot from the accelerator to the brake, the muscle that lifts the leg is the one that hurts. It hurts more when I have been still and start to move than if I am constantly moving it. Ask me questions and I'll try to answer. Your help is appreciated. So much for short, huh? Willis

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      Sounds like hip flexor, maybe...? (if you look at any anatomical diagrams can you name the spot that hurts?)  I dealt with this when I was a new runner and training for my first HM...trying to increase miles fast and probably overstriding.  Stretching can help...and rest.  Maybe scaling back and making an effort not to take overly long steps.  It's easy to fall into the over-striding trap at first.

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        Yeah my thought is the flexor. It's mostly in the front right above the bend point where my leg meets my torso. I guess I'll get to try extended rest due to a crunch at work over the next two weeks. I don't have a race to train for, just hate to lose the level of fitness I have built to this point. Willis

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          I had something similar this spring as I was increasing volume and running too fast for my experience. Mine was acute, late in a run. I should have stopped, but only had another 1/2 mile to goal...ended up ending early anyway and it costs me. I ended up taking 3 weeks off, seeing doc's and therapists, taking aleve for 4 months...I never did get a good diagnosis. But I'm running on it and up to 33 mpw...doesn't hurt when I run and only rarely twinges otherwise.


          It was probably an imbalance due to my form flaws that was aggravated by too much too soon. I doubt any of this helps, unless it gives you incentive to see a doc, take a break, and think positive. it's probably not the end of the world (I was worried it was, at the time).

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