SI Joint & Hip pain (Read 2310 times)


    That sounds pretty weird, knifey 


    Running is stupid

      That sounds pretty weird, knifey 

       ik,r?  I'll try it again later after dinner when I can relax.  I hope it helps though...and doesn't make my foot swell.



        this thing was like a miracle for me.


        Thanks to Nemo's pain and Ilene's reccomendation my wife's Sacro Wedgy arrived today. Her sciatica is often a pain in her ass so I hope she finds some relief with it.

          Thanks to Nemo's pain and Ilene's reccomendation my wife's Sacro Wedgy arrived today. Her husband is often a pain in her ass so I hope she finds some relief with it.


          Oh, I know you were just waiting for someone to misquote you.  Done.

          L Train

            Another sacrowedgy on the way to Maine.  I'm a bit desperate. 


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              Another sacrowedgy on the way to Maine.  I'm a bit desperate. 

               Keep us posted...I'm a believer.

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                I have a Sacrowedgy too (received it about a month ago).  I wonder if they're noticing a massive increase in sales thanks to this thread?!

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                  Fecking nemo,  I've dealt with hip pains for many years now.   I've found that a hip brace for daily use has been excellent for my posture and has significantly reduced my pain.  I don't wear it while running but I use compression shorts for that.  I've found some good deals at http://www.braceability.com/hip-braces-hip-supports-hip-support-belts   Let me know if this helps!

                  I fly.

                    I just ordered one.  I'll let you know if my foot swells or I have any other weird side effects... Wink

                    Bring it on.


                      Bumping this thread. I just saw a physiatrist today for a possible si joint problem. I got a cortisone shot in my ischium to see if it is a.) ischial bursitis or b.) si joint inflammation. I will call her Monday if the cortisone does not work. I'm really hoping that PT will help me. I have been out or training for the last three weeks and I'm registered to run Boston (my first marathon). I don't care if I have to run/walk it. I just really want to be there this year as a participant. How many of you guys are still using the sacral thing? Have any of you ever had the si joint injection? My physiatrist set me up for that just in case this cortisone does not work. It can't hurt to control the pain right? How is everyone doing with their si joint problems??

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                        Hi! I saw this thread and this is basically what i have been going through for 2 years! I am not a runner but a soccer player and it started 2 years ago with SI Joint sprain, I was in burning pain on my right side. It got better through PT but now I have constant tightness in my right side (it feels like it goes up to my lower ribs and swing through the front too). My psoas is definitely very tight and my QL is a rock. I have tried PT, acupuncture, chiropractors, etc. In the end what helped most was yoga. Felt like I healed it after a year and I went for a few runs and on the last one I pushed a little harder and it threw it all off again Sad Now it's been almost 2 years and I started doing yoga and PT again and it seemed to start to help but I tried a 4min run on a treadmill and i'm back to the same pain. So back to PT for a couple weeks now strengthening the area and my pelvis keeps getting rotated (even a day after an adjustment!) Going to chiropractor now.

                        How did yours all work out? Any tips?

                          I've been having recurring psoa tightness on my left side for over 6 months now. I've gone to a PT and a chiropractor. It was getting better but I think I pushed it a little too hard and now I'm having extreme tightness in my hip again.


                          I just ordered the sacrowedgy. Fingers crossed that it will help.

                          Hip Redux

                            So I had psoas issues for years - and last May I had it surgically released as part of a hip labrum tear repair.  I do not recommend that method of relief, if you can avoid it.


                            However, my psoas is a lot better now.  Mostly because I have been working diligently at hip/glute/core strength, which I think takes some of the stress off the psoas.   2-3x's a week I do a strength routine, designed by a trainer.   It is different hip/glute stuff I did in PT for years though, which was only marginally helpful.  So I guess my suggestion is to continue to find a strengthening routine that works for you.


                            The QL/psoas connection doesn't surprise me - when one if off, the other always is it seems!


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                              Still using my sacrowedgie and still think it is a great tool in my constant battle against SI Joint dysfucntion and QL spasms. It is definitely, in my case, only part of the solution puzzle...

                              When I am being good and proactive, squats (high rep, light/no weight), core work, and resistence band work (e.g.,monster walk) all help keep the acute issues at bay.


                              I find the SW to be best after speed sessions and long runs...psychologically, if nothing else. I enjoy the feeling of resetting my alignment after such workouts.

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                                Stumbled across this thread and happy I did. I just had to have my SI joint adjusted by a chiropractor today. I'm interested in this wedgy thing. I think I may try it out

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