Running Partners and Logging Posts (Read 577 times)

    What about being able to add one run entry into the run log and have it show up on an associated runner. For example, I often run with my wife but she is rarely motivated to put hers in; so if I log mine I could just add her as my running partner and it would duplicate the times in her run log. Just a suggestion.
      Hi Sharkey, I don't know how useful this feature is for the rest of the users. There's also privacy concerns and other things that aren't apparent at the moment. If you guys have the same workouts, then isn't it adequate to keep just one log? eric Smile
        Indeed I was trying to figure out in my head how it would work. the only thing I could think of, was if it used people contained within a group, so you could only post up against people you already 'know'. I knew this would get some scrutiny but maybe in time you might think of a work around. Now I had time to think about it, could we make our running partners configurable. For example I run with a handful of people, Rob, Tania, Mike. When it comes to performance metrics could we use our partners as a graphing parameter? Thanks Simon