GPS/HRM and Linux (Read 1094 times)

    At this moment, I use a Smartphone app (SportsTracker Pro) to track my runs, but I don't always like that big smartphone on my arm.

    So I'm considering to buy a GPS/HRM watch...

    The OS on my computer is Linux (Ubuntu 11.10).

    I know there is a Garmin Communicator plugin for Linux, so I'm quite sure I would be able to upload my runs when I would buy a Garmin ForeRunner 110.

    But I'd like to know if there are other devices that work well with Linux?

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      "Garmin Communicator plugin" that uploads from your computer to Garmin and the Ant plugin to actually grab the data off your watch and load it on your computer are two different pieces of the puzzle.


      I believe there are several solutions for Garmin products like the 405CX and older.  Unfortunately, the Garmin 610 does not work with these home-brew solutions.  Caveat Linuxor (as usual).


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        Ann,  I have a timex run trainer but download the info on my Mac but maybe you can use WINE to emulate a windows env. and install the garmin/timex/polar software.  Has anyone here had success using HRM software and wine?


          Any of the Garmin watches that connect by USB cable will work.  I do not believe that the ones that communicate wirelessly will, however. 


            I have a Garmin 610 with the wireless ANT agent. Doesn't work on linux (LinuxMint 13, Ubuntu 12.04) as far as I know.

            This is the only reason I startup Windows about 5 times a week... 

              Yes, I knew the garmin ant-devices aren't supported by the communicator plug in. My computer has no dual boot, and I don't know if I would use hubby's PC for every upload...

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                ik zie nu pas dat je uit België komt. Leuke blog over de tuin ook!

                Ik hoop nog iets te vinden voor de Garmin onder linux. Lukt dat, dan meld ik het je.





                PS. Leek me wel geinig om even iets in het Nederlands op dit forum te schrijven ;-)

                  I have had a Garmin 405 for a while and have been uploading data to my Linux based PC (SUSE). The watch uses the Garmin wireless ANT interface. I believe the same set-up would work for older Garmin products (405CX & 410), but not the newer watches (610, 310, FR60, 910).


                  I have used a couple of different methods to get run information off the watch. Nothing I've found is as smooth as the windows solution, but it does work. It just ends up being a two step solution - step one download data off the watch, and step two upload the extracted info to Running Ahead. It does require a little bit of geek to get it installed an operating, but after that it is all smooth.


                  The best solution I've found is python-ant-downloader. at this link: https://github.com/braiden/python-ant-downloader/

                  It includes automated upload to Garmin Connect. It is open source so it is possible that someone with the right skills could tweak it to work with Running Ahead - but not me.


                  Another option is Gant which seems to have disappeared from the original site, but lives on at this thread: https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?9799-Garmin-405-ANT-download-on-Linux


                  It looks like there is some work happening to try and get the newer Garmin watches working with Linux, but I do not know how successful it has been - link is here: https://github.com/Tigge/Garmin-Forerunner-610-Extractor

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                    @Stadjak: I don't think I'm going to buy an Ant-enabled device, USB should do.  I guess that'll make things less complicated.


                    philipfromga: I had been looking around a bit, and I don't have the impression Wine works so well with HRM software.  But indeed, as iansyd and StellarsJJayS are pointing out too: when I can upload the file to my machine, there isn't a problem in uploading it to this site.

                    And I don't mind a two step solution, as that is what I'm doing now too.  (uploading the file from my smartphone to the SportsTracklive website, downloading it to my computer, extracting the zip-file and uploading it to RunningAhead.


                    @rokinrob: en ga me nu niet vertellen dat jij de Robin bent die ik recent op een ander Engelstalig loopforum tegenkwam???


                    @iansyd: Although I'm not that geeky myself, the linux-community is always so helpful that I'm sure that someone would be able to help me if I wouldn't succeed...

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                      @Ann-V: Nee, die ben ik niet.