Marathon Shopping For Spring Race (Read 920 times)


    Yeah, I'd pass on both Knoxville and Publix if your fitness puts you right on the edge for BQing.  Both races are good (Publix has improved over the years), but neither course is going to help your cause.  Shamrock is the flattest course you will find that time of year.  It can be windy.


    (eh, I just noticed that the OP is from early December.  Perhaps she/you has/have already decided!)



      It is a ways from Atlanta, but just inland from the Texas Gulf coast, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is a Boston Qualifier, it is a flat course (well, duh, it is in OKC); and it is an incredible experience.  Run to Remember!  (April 28, 2013)



      Norman, OK


        Hmm. Was planning to run Atlanta in March, but VA Beach sounds appealing. Except for the 8 hr drive home.


        MTA: does the Shamrock sell out early?


        Just seeing this.  As far as I know, only the half at Shamrock sells out.  I don't think the marathon ever does.