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    After a mere 9 months since starting running, I finally have a success story to tell, so I hope you don't mind me sharing... In March 2007, I drove over the Verrazano Narrows bridge for the first time and decided on the spot that I wanted to run in the NY Marathon. Having grown up with hyper-competitive and sporty parents (one a marathoner and one an ironmaner) I have been a non-exerciser most of my life - teenage rebellion and all that. However, it also meant that I came into running with a fairly good idea of what would be involved and realistic ideas of how long it would take to get to that starting line (hopefullly November 2009). So, May 2007 I started a couch-2-5k plan (or rather, couch-2-a-bit-over-2m), "running" not much quicker than 15mm pace and signed up for the Race for the Cure in NYC in September, which is not a timed race and mostly made up of walkers. I ended up having to walk/run most of it, despite 41/2 months of training, was completely demoralised and quit. However, that bridge kept coming back to haunt me, so I picked myself up and started over - literally right from day 1 of the beginner program. However, this time, I finished the program in 9 weeks and felt great, so although I had to start over, clearly those early months weren't totally wasted. A friend persuaded me to sign up for a 4m race, a partial loop of Central Park. I knew I'd have to run/walk at least a part of it, since I'd never even made it to 3miles without stopping, but this time, I was determined to manage my expectations and not expect too much. So, Sunday came around, a beautiful day for running, sunny and not too cold. I laced on my championchip for the first time (amazing how much a newbie can stress over such things), got on the subway and headed to the park (not wearing my race t-shirt - that much I knew). I started as far to the back of the pack as possible and hoped for the best, especially knowing the loop has some not-so-nice hills. After 2 miles, I wasn't feeling too bad, but then I made it to three miles, longer than I'd ever run before. At that point, some kind of latent competitiveness kicked in because even though I was really hurting, I suddenly knew that I would have to be carried off on a stretcher before I'd stop and walk (I know, I know, there's nothing wrong with walk breaks, but you just had to be there). Cruelly, the finish line was on an uphill stretch, but I made it, running and in "just" 49:27. Even better, I've now completed my first 2009 marathon qualifying race (8 more to go). A very tiny victory in the grand scheme of things, but a huge personal victory. The coolest thing? The chip-snipping stations after the finish line. I had no idea there were such things (I had taken some nailclippers just in case)! The nerdiest thing (apart from the nailclippers of course)? I'm still wearing my now legitimately earned race t-shirt...
      Posts like this one are the reason I'm here. Thanks for reminding me. Well done. Now make your log public so we can peek. And give yourself a profile. Make yourself at home and stay awhile. Cool
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      You'll ruin your knees!

        I'd say that is a running success story for sure! Awesome job on your first NYC Marathon qualifier...her's to having such good results in the rest of your "qualifiers"... Congrats...like JK says, c'mon, go public with profile and log. We'd love to follow along in your quest. Take care (and it's OK to take the shirt off to wash it...really), Lynn B

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          The coolest thing? The chip-snipping stations after the finish line. I had no idea there were such things (I had taken some nailclippers just in case)!
          they chip-snipping stations ? Races i've been to only had kids with clippers. Congratulations on your definite success story. Many more on the way for sure!

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            Congratulations!! Thanks so much for posting your story. I will enjoy following your progress - keep up the great work! Teresa

              Congratulations! How wonderful. I'm happy to hear that you didn't give up and that you're doing so well with your training. Please keep us updated.


                You gave me the tingles! Love it! I'm jealous though - Ive never ran a race yet with timing chips so I would be freaking out with nervousness. Awesome job - no quiting this time Smile

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                  You are awesome!!! That is exactly what I am talking about: Do not quit. Once you make a commitment you'll have to full fill that commitment. (David Horton). Your commitment is the NY marathon. Get a picture from the finisher line (like this one), print it out and hang it to your refrigerator door. Look at it every day and every time visualize yourself doing that marathon. Then start training for it. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Whenever you think the task is too big go read this story. Or remember that it doesn't matter how much you suffer there will always be another person out there who suffers more so you have no right to complain Wink. Or if you really do not want to go for a training run then just commit of going for 10 minutes. If you still don't want to do it after 10 minutes then go home. You are on the right path. Keep going. Don't stop. Soon we'll read your NY Marathon success story right here in this forum. YOU ROCK!!!

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                    Wow. I really enjoyed reading that. Congratulations!! And don't feel foolish about your nail clippers. Last weekend I worked at a race as a chip clipper (or whatever it's called) and had at least five people express disappointment when I told them I had to take their chips. They assumed the chips were souvenirs.
                      What a great post! Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck on those other races.



                        Congratulations! I hope you are proud of yourself--for not quitting, for pushing through, for finishing! You rock! Here's to the first of many success stories!

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                          Great post!! Congratulations on your first race!! What a great feeling. Are you addicted yet? Wink Big grin


                            Yay! I'm sure that race is only the first of MANY! Good luck in your '09 marathon training! I started running in '06 and this Fall I plan to run my own first marathon. Smile

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                              I suspect there will be much more of this to come from you! Keep up the great work and thanks for the uplifting post!

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                                Great job and, good luck in your continued running and quest! Big grin

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