An Open Letter to the Knot in My Calf (Read 499 times)

    Dear Evil Knot in My Calf, I think I know how your existence began. It is entirely my fault. I blew you out with some calf extensions and I'm not so great at remembering to stretch. You earned your right to remind me that I am a moron. That said, I've given you an entire week to hang out down there. I even took up SWIMMING so I wouldn't get lazy. You pretended to go away and I thought I was fine (aside from when I poked at you and you just gave me an indifferent "Eh?"), but on my short run last night you decided to come back and say, "HI!! REMEMBER ME??!" as soon as I started running with any semblance of speed. Fine. Hi, Evil Knot in My Calf. I am sick of you. I am calling the massage therapist today. She is going to end you. Did you hear that? END YOU END YOU END YOU. See what happens when I can't run? love, sistinas ps. This pretty much sums up my problem (down to "Even if there is no pain and you can run..."), except there was no race or marathon involved. Seems like decent advice. I hope the massage works.
      Dear Sistinas: Bring it, girly. I'm evil, remember? Bwa ha ha ha ha. Trick or treat .... ha ha ha no treats for you. Love and kisses, Evil Knot if Calf P.S. Call me Bob. "Evil knot in calf" is so formal. P.P.S. You look really funny running from down here. P.P.P.S. Okay, I'll remind you - you are a moron. P.P.P.P.S. Looking forward to the massage. Is that supposed to scare me? Bwa ha ha ha ha ...
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        Evil Knot, It's been BROUGT. 9am tomorrow. love, sistinas ps. I'd call you Bob except unlike Knot, you don't rhyme with brought.

        gimme some sugar, baby

          Good call on getting the massage. Got me up and running again within two days. [see my thread about a knot earlier here: http://www.runningahead.com/frm_topic.aspx?id=74e794b595434566bc5a229be2f93e99] I am finally back running and feeling great about it for the past couple weeks. I might even race at a cross country meet at the university of VA this weekend and try not to get dead last [I'm healthy.. but not quite in shape after taking time off for the knot].
          George: Runner/Law Student
            Good news and bad news - The Evil Knot in My Calf appears to have been completely eradicated by my awesome massage therapist. In bad news I was kind of inebriated and watched "Stick It" last night, that gymnastics movie. I did competitve gymnastics for four years as a kid, and well, I wanted to see if I could remember some of the routines and in the process I think I hyperextended the big toe on my left foot. It sorta feels like there's a splinter in there, but there's no splinter. Woops. I am the queen of freak accidents.
              Doh! I loved that movie. It was great!

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