MCM 2013 - a PR course? (Read 66 times)


    All, looking for feedback on MCM course...ran Boston in sub ~255, signed up for MCM, read several race reports and looked at elevation charts - seems first 7-8 miles a bit slow due to a few hills, then rest of course quite flat, with a small but brutal hill at finish.  Welcome any quick comments from recent MCM finishers around splits, relative course difficulty, other general thoughts or comments...(my goal is sub 250 assuming weather is ok)

      I ran MCM 2011 and Boston 2012 (the inferno year) and Boston 2013.  Similar fittness, 2:57:15 at MCM (a 3 min pr) and 2:58:45 at Boston 2013.  I think they are probably pretty close in terms of speed.  The major asterisk is that you have to run Boston properly for it to be a fast course, this is not as much of a concern at MCM.  You can certainly run MCM very fast, the hills in the beginning are not bad and the very ending hill is short.


      mta:  If you do a bit of log stalking you will find my garmin splits and all that other stuff for each race.

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        thanks!  helpful perspective.  agree on Boston, i actually went out at 7+ min pace and had very small negative split over second half.  MCM seems like a great race.