Maybe we got off on the wrong foot... (Read 253 times)


    I was only trying to make sure this was the place for silly topics.


    So a bit about me...


    I've been running for about seven months. I never thought it would happen to me. My daughter decided to run a 5k. So I trained with her. I eventually started to enjoy it. My daughter and I did the 5k, I did two others and am currently training for a half-marathon in May. I don't really have a training plan. I run when I feel like it. I take days off when I am tired. I currently run between 3-5 miles a day and am starting to up the miles.


    I am looking for a new place to hang out because I am tired of all the gun control talk at where I currently hang out.   I don't mind talking politics, but I don't like to mix my fun forums with political forums. There tends to be too many hard feelings.  I need a fun forum to pass some of the time at work.