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Running Chick

    Wanted to introduce myself...... Lifelong runner, but new to actually posting anything (i usually quietly read), and new to running ahead website as well.  my last running log bit the dust.  but.... huh.. a little about me.  i have run for a million years, done boston (thank God i can check that off the list!).  I am a writer, speaker; with a bent toward nutrition.  i write for a couple area newspapers (boston) and can share my website...



    cool life event:  my 10 year old was on the Today Show about 2 weeks ago.  wicked awesome.  Oh - and I product test for Nike - just running sneaks.  Wink   Nice to meet everyone!  love.


      Nice to meet you too, welcome to the forum Smile

      Running Chick

        Hi, CoralieT!!!!  nice to meet you.  forgive any etiquette mistakes i make as i am new to these forums (even though i have run all my life).  i have really enjoyed reading so many great and kind posts  where folks so openly share information with one another.  very cool.  love.