Eric, you are doing great so far. Just to comment, CoolRunning had a nice view to see Personal Records for any given distance and run type, and also PRs for any crosstraining activity. I used that one a lot , interesting feature to consider . Also, you could see a weekly , monthly , yearly summary for any given date. So far, Ive noticed you can only see this kind of summary (incuding distance and time and no comments ) for the current date. Is there a way to change the summary date to view statistics of a past date more than the curent summary ?? ...........

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      If you click on "Graph" on the left hand side and then "Advanced Graph" on the top, you can sort and display your data using all kinds of different parameters. I am not 100% sure what you are looking for, but if you play around a bit, you might get some of the info you want. Worth a try!

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        There is currently limited "PR" data available. It's under "training log" and then "personal records." It'll show your fastest times for any running entries entered in as "race." Not sure if you saw that or not. Unfortunately it doesn't include anything but "race" entries. You may also want to check out the "calendar" feature as it's a handy way to get a look at what you've been donig lately. Welcome! Smile

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