Three Half Marathons, then a Full - how to train for this? (Read 46 times)

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    I've signed up for three half marathons and a full coming up this racing season. This is my most ambitious racing season yet. I've never sustained such a training level before. In the past I've signed up for a race, trained for it, run it, then fell off the wagon.


    I've been putting on the miles since late January, and I'm in some semblance of half marathon shape now. I haven't done much speed work yet - mostly just pounding the miles. (I've run two 10 Milers so far this season, one of them at 1:20:08 in the rain and snow). I'll start some speed work this month.

    I will be running three halves: Med City (Rochester, MN) May 26; Red, White, and Boom (Minneapolis, MN) July 4; Gopher to Badger (Hudson, WI) August 10; and one marathon - Twin Cities, October 6. 


    Any advice for sustaining my training, and ramping up my mileage and training at the right time to get ready for the marathon? Many thanks, all!

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      Train for the marathon in October and let the half marathons be fitness tests along the way.  There's plenty of time between each HM and the full to run the HM hard (all-out) and learn where you are in terms of pace and fitness.


      Very likely you'll PR HM #2 and #3 along the way just from the positive impact of the marathon training miles.

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