Goal of Sub-3 Hour Marathon (Read 15839 times)

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    Neither is HH Flying Monkey Marathon


    Ha!  Yeah, sometimes a guy just has to Go big or go home. 

    Thunder smash!

      Ok, the Hopefuls list is been updated...Finally!


       Thomas12 for Country Music in April, el_jeffe for Vancouver in May, and Geo Runner for Chicago next October.


      Happy training and good luck to all




      If anyone would like to start a new  thread for 2010 I am behind you all the way. You could include a link to this one if you like and copy the '10 Hopefuls to the new one.


      This has been and is a great group. I've learned a lot and witnessed a bunch of outstanding performances, both in the way of training and great execution on race day.



      Age 60 plus best times: 5k 19:00, 10k 38:35, 10m 1:05:30, HM 1:24:09, 30k 2:04:33



        I will pick up the ball in 2010

        7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



          I'm going to take another shot at sub 3 at the '10 Boston.

          Since Oct. this year I have run

          18:26 5k on marginal course

          3:00:19 Portland Marathon

          And 12/18 a 1:23:55 half marathon.


          Time to start over again.


          Upcoming  in early Feb 10K and late Feb. Cowtown (Ft. Worth) a hilly half marathon.  Probably a few spring 5 and 10ks as well.


          Merry Christmas all

          ksrunr All American 10K Feb. '10 Cowtown Half marathon Feb. '10 Boston '10


            Looks like this thread is moving, but just wanted to post myself as a graduate on the sub 3 list. Ran CIM this month in 2:58:35. Followed the Phitzinger 55-70 plan, 18 weeks, with 1/2 of my running done on the treadmill.

            Good luck to all!



              Congrats - That kicks butt!

              7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M




                Hi guys going to try for sub 3 again in October in Dublin. Had my first race of the year last Sunday a 10 miler, managed to do it in 1hr 1min 22sec a PB by over 2.5 minutes.  Have a10K race in a fortnight, then going to target a couple more 10K's and Half marathons in the spring and summer before the big attempt.

                I think this 10 mile time really points to me being able to break 3 hours, has anyone else been in this position before and if so what have ye done to make sure you've got the possible chance come marathon day. Thanks.

                  Ger, that 61:22 10miler is outstanding.  Congratulations on such a big PR.  FYI, that time equates out to a potential 2:51 and change marathon.  I did a 62:53 10miler a couple of weeks ago and my confidence is sky hi for a sub-3 at Boston in April, if I were you I'd be trying to hit sub-2:50. 


                  Also, the discussion has moved over to 2010 Goal of Sub 3:00 marathon


                    Thanks for that Ken, yes everything points to a good sub 3, but last year I hit a 10K in 37m30s, 10 miles in 63 Min and 2 halves, one in 1hr 22m 29s and one in 1 hr 22m 45s and only ended up with a 3hr 7m 48s marathon. My training must have been wrong. This year I an going to stick with pfitzingers 55-70 mile plan.

                    What's your training been like, I have the confidence that I have the ability but missing it through the wrong training hurts.

                    I have no doubt you will get it.

                    Its my ultimate goal in running.

                      I'm going to move my attempt to the fall and run Boston at a nice happy pace.

                      Last two long runs I've had some major issues with cramping and my knee locking up.   Don't know if it's the ITB but when I do leg circles it loosens itself up. Doesn't happen on shorter runs. 


                      Time for steady diet of yoga and foam rolling.   

                        Let the thread die! Theres a new sub 3 hour marathon for 2010....

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