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    Hey guys! So i have been dealing with a case of compartment syndrome in both of my calves. I talked to a couple doctors some said surgery some thought it wouldnt help or that my case wasnt clear enough. I want to beat it on my own! Its not an incredibly horrible case, but it still disrupts my running nonetheless and can get to be pretty painful. Does anyone have an experience with this? any ideas tips anything ...i would love to here from you all! thanks!

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      Hey, ati...I wasn't really sure what this was, so I did a little research. Wow, I think this was a big part of my problem running in HS (I just never knew what it was called, coaches didn't believe me, and didn't have the internet for research). I frequently ended up with calves that were so tight and painful that even walking was miserable and my entire lower leg was painful to the touch. I also had chronic issues with my shins that I'm sure were related. I'm certain the cause of my woes was doing too much, too soon and being sent on long, fast runs with distance people who ran year-round -- I was a sprinter and pretty much only ran during track season (a fellow sprinter friend of mine was sidelined with stress fractures half-way through the season one year...I think I'm lucky that didn't happen to me). According to this page it sounds like rest, NSAIDs, and ice are pretty much the accepted treatments. I still will occasionally have calf and shin issues and often it's result of not sleeping well or increasing my mileage too fast. Good luck with this. I hope you can avoid surgery, too. k

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