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    I need some advice on how to come back from from Achilles Tendonitis. I have been off running since the beginning of November due to this. I would like to know if there is anyone else with this injury and recovered, how did you know you were ready yo run again? I went to the doctor about a week and a half ago. I told him it was much better, but he told me I still have a limited rage of motion in my foot and told me I should stretch for another month before running again. My foot feels 95% better than it did back in November. Back then I could barely walk. I can walk my normal speed now, the pain all accept for a little strain is gone.Even the stiffness I had when I woke up in the morning and after sitting for a log time is gone.


    On a related note, while I was injured I felt like a complete failure as a runner. I felt like I wasn't a real runner, because I got injured. Has anyone else have this feeling while injured? Thanks for reading.

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      You say you're "95% better" implying that there's still a problem, although perhaps only a minor one. You'll read different things. Some will tell you not to run at all whilst it's still sore. I would do easy running as long as the pain is not getting worse through the run. If pain gets worse then stop running.  A shoe with a high heel-toe drop should take some of the strain off the achilles and calves - but once you're recovered it's probably not a good idea to stick with such a shoe. Probably there are inserts that have a similar effect...


      Icing, stretching and strength training for the calves all should help in the long run - although you must always be careful when stretching or strength straining something that is already damaged - it's possible to make the damage worse if you overdo it.


      Ultimately it's up to you. The conservative approach is to not run until it's fully better - just stick to other forms of exercise (cycling and swimming are usually fine with a bit of achilles soreness). But certainly some people can run through these things and recover.


      I've had this problem - and also PF - and have worked my way through them with easy running.


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        Second the easy running as long as it isn't getting worse during the run -- and preferably any pain at the start goes away after a mile or so.  As pr says, inserts are available -- a heel lift for the one shoe will help reduce the range of motion the A.T. needs to go through on each step.  That's probably cheaper than shoes that you won't continue to wear.


        Often, the healing of the A.T. can be undone in the first minute if it's not warmed up well.  I suggest you also heat the foot before you go out to run - in a hot tub in you have access to one, in a bucket of hot water, or even a heating pad.  Wiggle the foot through all the range of motion while you're heating it.  Then ice it when you get back.


        I assume your stretches include eccentric heel drops -- keep doing these, but don't make them too difficult while you have any pain.