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    anyone know if nike+ calibration gets fucked up over long flights? it said i ran 3.1 in 20 minutes today when i was purposely running slowly (to landmark my way so as not to get lost) and... i think it was wrong. alternatively: anyone know what the odds of finding an authentic or at least reliable forerunner/forerunner knock-off in the streets of hanoi or saigon... Confused

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      Don't have the Nike+ but I do have the Polar, another accelerometer-based device. It tends to lose accuracy if you change speeds from where you calibrated it, also on hills.

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        i calibrated it on a track, and where i've been running in hanoi, it's very flat-- so i don't think that's the issue. and i'm running more slowly here b/c i'm landmarking and sort of sightseeing as i go (today i took a route that took me through a street of fruit stalls! so colorful!), but not so slowly that it could be considered walking or anything slow enough to completely undo the calibration, i don't think? just annoying. i put it on sleep mode just to avoid this sort of thing and only brought it so that i could measure my running accurately while traveling (no google/RA mapping for most of vietnam!). here's one more situation where a GPS system would be of more use, i suppose...!