Paul Revere & the Raiders (Read 768 times)

    .... I watched "Action", the Monkees, The Beatles 1965 Sat am cartoon with the bouncing ball over the lyrics (even have 2 shirts of the Cartoon, ha ha) & all those other band shows. oh & Dark Shadows too.



     Man, those bring back memories!



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       Man, those bring back memories!



       Oh yes!  Dark Shadows!



      Just run.

        only soap opera ever watched.  watched with older sister.  wasn't it on right after school?


          Cool  Oh my, memory lane!


          Running is stupid

          old woman w/hobby

            The new Dark Shadows Movie opens May 2012.


            Tim Burton / Johnny Depp.


            I suspect that they've ruined it though I hope not.  Depp's Barnabas appears

            to look a bit too much like Michael Jackson.





            Just run.

              may have to check that movie out, 1st I've heard of it. 


              and speaking of the rock & hall of fame I see that Alice Cooper is in the new Dark Shadows movie.  perfect casting just like Keith Richards in Pirates of Carribean.


              getting back to PR &R not in the hall of fame, I see that neither Deep Purple or Steppenwolf are in the hall either.  wow!  whats up with that?

                I never saw them, but my wife was a fan and saw them a few times back in the days of yore.  I did see the Daily Flash and used to play with guys from the Magic Fern. Somewhat related-NW jazz just lost one of it's long time stalwarts- bassist Chuck Metcalf- played in Seattle maybe 1950's to 70's. Along with Floyd Standifer and Jabo Ward defined NW jazz for decades.

                  always sad to hear about the passing of legends

                    All this time, I thought that Paul Revere and the Raiders were the first dudes to run the Boston Marathon.......

                    Champions are made when no one is watching

                      maybe it was those dudes, but don't think it was a certified course + kind of hard to run in those outfits

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                        I saw them in '86...they opened for the Monkees (along with Herman's Hermits and Gary Puckett).  I don't think they played long but they did play Kicks - which I liked.

                         Sorry I missed that one. 

                        Also, Moody Blues aren't in the HOF. Seriously?

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                           Sorry I missed that one. 

                          Also, Moody Blues aren't in the HOF. Seriously?


                          I suspect the deciders aren't fond of Poetry Corner, which old school Moody Blues liked to bust out regularly.


                             Sorry I missed that one. 

                            Also, Moody Blues aren't in the HOF. Seriously?




                            yep that's right dont see them on the list, but I do see Abba.  ugh  


                              Ugh to Abba too!!

                              OK Skyedog...I went and spent hours listening to PR&TR and watched old videos and I have to admit that if they ditched those outfits...they were great!  Couple of those old songs brought back some teen age memories.  But even back them they had that comedic stuff going on that was kind of strange

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                                its a great time going back & looking up those old videos of PR&R & other bands from that era.  re: those outfits, well rock & roll is supposed to be fun right?   lots of bands/groups back in those days had some sort of gimmick, even the Beatles had their clean Beatles look for awhile when they first came to America.   I'm not saying that PR &R s/b in the HOF but at least should have more consideration/merit, just trying to get some fun conversation going.  One of the biggest things that the HOF voting members look at is a bands influence.   So how much influence has PR&R's had during those earlier days & beyond?  I know that at least around the PNW they had tremendous influence.  lots of their songs have been covered over the years.   & again they were the # 3 selling band between 1966 & 1969 behind the Beatles & Rolling Stones. Also back in those days most bands, including PR&R did covers of other bands on a regular basis, but they did begin to do mostly their own stuff (mainly Mark Lindsay) later.

                                2 things that probably hurt them the most in the eyes of the HOF (at least my take because have never actually talked to any voting members):


                                1. hard to take their music seriously with those outfits/goofing around

                                2  maybe did not evolve enough compared to other bands beginning middle years of the 60's.. During the turbulent & strange decade of the

                                     60's they just continued with their own brand of good time rock & roll.  they did add some pschedelic sounds in some of their songs later.


                                regardless they were fun with catchy music & Mark Lindsay could sing with the best of them.


                                still would like to hear from anyone else who actually saw them perform back in those early days & any other thoughts on HOF for them, as well as any other deserving bands that have been omitted from HOF.