Recommend Running Shoe for Supinator/Underpronator ? (Read 127 times)

    For those who underpronate/supinate, which running shoes,  which you have worn, would you recommend?  Soon, I will need to replace my current shoes with ones to best address this issue.  Give me your thoughts.  Thanks.

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      Are you currently having issues related to the supination/underpronation?   What kind of shoes are you currently running in?


      I have high arches and underpronate - for me this led to issues with my peroneal tendon (which led to other issues, as well).


      Because of the issues I was having, I did much research on this topic.  Everything I have learned indicates that underpronaters should stay away from stability shoes and stick with more neutral shoes.


      I run in Asics Cumulus and they have worked for me.


      As a side note, I ended up having to get a custom orthotic to get past my peroneal issue (but not every underpronater needs orthotics).


      Best of luck.

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        My local running store put me in Brooks Glycerine 9's, and after 500 miles, I think they're the best shoe I've run in. I also like my brooks Pure Drift, but they're pretty light on cushion, so I save those for short days.


        FWIW, when I run, my left foot launches literally off the third toe...the right is not nearly that bad.



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          My current running shoes are Saucony Guide 6, previous ones are Brooks Ravenna 3 and Asics Gel- Nimbus 14.

          “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot

            I supinate a fair bit and have run almost exclusively in Saucony Kinvaras for the last number of years.  I don't know if this is good advice or not, but they work for me.  I recently bought a pair of virratas and they seem to be working well also.  The biggest problem is that I don't wear down the shoes where the manufacturer expects me to, and consequently the strategic bits of harder carbon rubber on the Virratas are in somewhat of the wrong place.

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              Mizuno Wave Rider.  I love 'em.


                Okay I just ordered the Kinvara 3s from Running Warehouse.  Got last year's model at liquidation price of $58 minus a 15% coupon code which I found online.  Thanks everyone.

                “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot

                  Anything neutral and cushioned.


                    I have tried:


                    Kinvara - Always injured (Peroneal and Post Tib)

                    Asics Gel Nimbus - Didn't like them at all, I took them back. I think I was fitted improperly though.

                    Brooks Glycerin - Nice but I felt as though my legs fatigued quickly

                    Nike Vomero - So far so good. A little over year free of injury. Actually started using a Lynco insole and some of the other aches and pains went away too.

                      I've fit numerous runners with a large amount of supination in my time spent on the floors of running shops.. some shoes that have worked VERY well include:


                      Nike Vomero

                      Mizuno Wave Rider

                      Brooks Glycerin

                      And recently... the Adidas Energy Boost


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                        As a supinator/underpronator who has tried almost everything out there, I am finding a good match with the Wave Rider. It has good cushion and, I feel, the wave plate gives me a little extra ground protection ( like Dr. evil, I cannot back this up with facts...) in the outside edge of my foot, a usual sore spot in other shoes.


                        Find somewhere with  good test run policy give as many options as you can a thorough test. It really is the only way to know.