Who doesnt listen to music while running? (Read 3009 times)


    There is a top 10 songs list for running out there and there are some good songs on it. For me I can't listen to music and run. I'm a no music person, no matter how far the run. I just fade my mind out and run. I have no problem hitting or holding pace. Who else runs without music? Am I the only crazy minded person?

      I love music, but I don't want to listen to music when I am outside running. I do when I am on the treadmill. Plus, I don't think it is exactly safe to listen to music and run at the same time. I didn't even listen to music and skate at the same time. But, that was because I landed on my iPod the only time I did, and it really hurt.


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        I usually train with music but I haven't raced with music since Sept and I don't miss it. I have run a few other times without it but it is a habit that is hard to break. After almost being bitten by a dog I run with one earbud.

          I switched a few months ago to mostly audiobooks actually. A bit of entertainment, but much lower consistent volume so it's a lot easier to keep a higher level of awareness over what's going on around me. I don't think I'd race with anything even for those it'd be allowed, both for safety as well as missing out on interacting with other runners or spectators, etc.


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            i dont run with music.


            I am running tomorrow, who's coming with me?

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              When I run with A1, I run with music.  Particularly after he has eaten cold chili from a can.

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                When I first started out running, it really helped me mellow out and slow down, which in turn made it possible for me to keep at it for the long run. It's been roughly three years since I stopped, come to think of it, I honestly don't remember why I stopped.

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                  Never.  Too distracting.  Though I watch TV on the treadmill.


                  Nothing against people who prefer to run with music, except coeds out for a solo run on a dark street at 11pm in Ypsilanti.  That's just dumb.

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                    When I started, I would sometimes wear my Ipod, especially on "longer" runs.  I stopped because a lot of races, esp. trail ones, do not allow/recommend music during races.  I now cannot listen to music, as it bothers me.  I find I can't get lost in my thoughts when I have music in my ears. The funny part is, I have no problem tuning out music when doing work, etc.  

                    And this is coming from someone who's life, besides running, is largely made up of music.  

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                      i only listen on treadmills

                        I never listen to music. I at one point tried listening to podcasts, but it lasted all of a week. Maybe I'll try it again some day. If I have to run on the treadmill, I'll have the TVs on, but only because they are there. I've logged 99% or more of my mileage without any listening device.


                        I'd like to get back to listening to podcasts. I feel like I'm being more productive if I'm learning something while running.

                          i only listen on treadmills



                          This is my current music situation.

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                            I sometimes do and I sometimes don't.

                              I listened to educational podcasts on long runs - it makes me feel productive.  Last year I tried running in races without music and I am going to continue as I think I ran better without it. 


                              Now that I'm injured though, I have been listening to DJ Steve Boyett high bpm podcasts while cycling on the stationary bike.  I find they work wonders to keep my energy level and rpm high. 

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                                I dont even own a device that would allow me to listen to music while I run. 

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