Anybody using Tapiriik to Garmin Connect to RA? (Read 82 times)

    Is anyone successfully using RA's integration to Garmin Connect to automatically pull workouts that are sync'd to GC (using Tapiriik)?  RA's integration with GC only works for me if I manually upload a workout, but does not work with workouts that are synced to GC.  I searched the archives but may have overlooked the pertinent nugget.  Any definitive help is appreciated.

      So everyone is either using a Garmin or manually uploading?


        Most of us are using Garmin Express to upload our workouts to Garmin Connect.  Eric's new RA integration then synches them from Garmin Connect to RA as long as the integration is set up on both sides (GC and RA).


        The older Garmin plug-in is being phased out because Chrome and other major browsers have ended or will end support for plug-ins.  Garmin Express is the only "upgrade" path.  I have found that once I switched over to Garmin Express my workout files are no longer stored on my computer, so I cannot manually upload them directly to RA.

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          This you probably already know...


          The Garmin Connect (GC) integration depends on the upload from the GPS being initiated and controlled by GC. GC only sends the workout data to downstream integration partner sites when GC has pulled the workout from the Garmin device.


          If the workout is manually entered into GC, it does not get fed to the downstream integration sites. Having no direct experience, I can only assume that if Tapiriik stuffs a workout into GC, it would be treated as manual entry in GC and not be output to the downstream sites.


          The intent of the GC integration is to allow for seamless entry from a Garmin device to RA.

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            Milktruck, that confirms what I've gleaned.  So those using non-Garmin GPS thingys are stuck uploading their .fit files manually. Gasp.  Oh well, would have been really nice if GC would send all new workouts to linked services.

              I am using fitnesssyncher (similar to tapiriik I think).


              I have a soleus GPS, which only uploads to Strava.


              I use fitnesssyncher to pull from strava and send to garmin connect.

              RA pulls automatically form garmin connect.


              I also use fitnesssyncher to send to mapmyrun for my corporate wellness incentives.


              It works for me.  It took several days before the first batch of workouts came over but now they come from GC to RA immediately.

                I use fitnesssyncher to pull from strava and send to garmin connect.

                RA pulls automatically form garmin connect.


                This service (FitnessSyncher) worked perfectly and all my Strava based workouts showed up automagically in RA's workout importer.  Thanks, Steve!