Constant Calf problems (Read 174 times)


    Thank you again for all of the help. I did the first step of the exercises today and could definitely feel the tenderness of The calf. I'll keep doing them to strengthen them. Thanks again!



    Everyone is different.  Some stretch before, some after, some separately (i.e. yoga), some never.  You have to find what works for you.  That said, there is a 50/50 chance that heel drop exercises will cure the problem, and that is better odds than anything else.

      Is that for before and after a run? Or do you still stretch after? Thanks again for all of this advice!



      I never stretch calves, and take 15-20 minutes to warm-up before the run, (then cool down for at least ten minutes), getting my heart rate up to target by 20 minutes. Experiment and find what works for you. It's always an individual thing, this thing called training.

        It seems to be generally accepted that the strain on the calf muscles is greater with flat shoes and, conversely, less when you have a large toe-heel drop.


        That doesn't necessarily tell you what to do... minimalist/barefoot advocates will tell you then you need to run in flat shoes to strengthen your calves. On the other hand if you've actually got an injury you might want exactly the opposite, at least until the injury has recovered.


        Regarding stretching. I think you have to be cautious stretching something you know is already injured - there's potential for making things worse.


          I wanted to thank everyone for the advice. I just got back from the doctor and wanted to let everybody know what happened just in case other people have the same problem.


          I had an over training issue that caused microtears in the muscle. I first injured one calf and then continued to run the next week. I then overcompensated and which made my other calf have microtears. I am going to start physical therapy next week. The doctor said I start to run but if I have pain (stiffness) that last more than a half mile, just to finish my workout on the elliptical or bike.


          I hope that this help others. Thanks again for all of the other replies.