My First Race - (In 15 years anyway) (Read 371 times)

    When I quit smoking, I signed up for a 5 mile race in early May, but since I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be, I signed up for an earlier 5 miler that was held today. I ran the Flapjack 5 Miler today held at White Rock Lake in Dallas. It was cold, gray, and very windy. It was an interesting race (IMO) - as it was age handicapped. I thought it was fantastic watching the golden age groups of 70-80+ getting a head start (by as much as 30 minutes!). I was shivering and running in place a bit while I waited for my start time. Being 40, I got a whopping 1 minute handicap! Woohoo! It turned out to be a great run around the lake, even though it started pretty cold and lightly snowing at the end, I was comfortable temperature wise after the first mile. It was a little discouraging when all the young guys (with no handicap) passed me like I was walking (I was going around 9:30 at that point), but by mile 2, I got my turn to pass a few people. While I didn't win a trophy or a medal, I did win these after the race: Even better than a medal in my book. I looked at some early results they had posted before I left. I thought it was amazing that 2 50 yo men took first and second, with third place taken by a 44 yo woman. I totally thought that one of the young bucks with rocket feet surely would have won. Anyway, I had a great run, a lot of fun, and beat my previous 5 mile time by 8 minutes.

    When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?


      Congrats Bonkin!
        How fun! sounds like a great race and way to go beating your time! Big grin
        Jennifer mm#1231