off the treadmill and finally outside! (Read 548 times)

    so my last few runs on the dreadmill have been awful so I finally got the courage to go outside. I dont know why I was so scared to go outside but anyways, I found a nice county park that has a route 20 miles. Long. I ran 7.27....the longest I have ever run! Took me 1:10 min. not to shabby for someone who has only been running 4 weeks after a year hiatus. I cant imagine ever going on the treadmill again. It was so cool and peaceful out. Cant wait to go back out tomorrow
      I always thought treadmill were great for getting in the run during really bad bad weather, but other then that, I really dont like them.........so good for your for getting outside........... Keep up the running Tongue

      Champions are made when no one is watching