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    Have just run my longest run ever today - 7.5 mile and surprising feel really good! The only thing that really hurts is my toes, they feel like someone has been banging them with a hammer on the very tops, and my big toenail feels like it wants to drop off!! (please dont). My trainers were bought when I started logging my runs in December so are fairly new, I would also be grateful if someone could look at my log - got my first race of 5 mile coming up at end of April, feeling fine for that, but am also attempting my first H.M at the end of June, am I doing enough training, or do I need to be going out more - some of you guys weekly logs are scary!, any tips much obliged and for my toes. Wink
      Hi, Kizzy! If your toenails are trying to fall off, there's a pretty good chance that your toes are hitting the front of your shoes when you're running. Which would mean your shoes are too small. (Running shoes often need to be a size or so larger than normal shoes.) Since you're unsure how much training you need to be doing, you might want to look at some training plans for first time half-marathons. A good one to start out with is Hal Higdon's Novice Half-Marathon training plan at: http://www.halhigdon.com/halfmarathon/novice.htm. There are many others. This plan will get you through your first HM. That's all you should really be shooting for for the first time - getting through intact, having some fun, and coming out the other side still enjoying running. If you can do that, it's a definite success! Smile Good luck!

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        It probably is the shoes. Mine are a full size larger than most of my shoes, as recommended by a running specialty store. It was hard to believe them at first, but when I started doing longer training runs for a half I knew they were right on. Also, don't forget to keep those 2-3 mile short, easy runs in your training schedule! Little recovery runs as you're building up to longer runs like 7 or 8 miles just feel good. I used the online coach at runnersworld.com- you might want to check that out. My advice is to keep listening to your body, and if you're exhausted or sore, don't run that day. It's so easy to overtrain, but not so good to. Good luck with your training! Smile

          Thanks for your advice, am gonna go 1/2 size up on the trainers and see if that helps, and will take note of your advice for the 2-3 mile runs, thanks