Reports for weights (Read 70 times)

    Just out of curiosity... is there a way to generate any types of reports based on weight lifting?

    I do strength training twice a week, and while I can look at all my running stats down to great detail, I can't seem to come up with a way to look at my lifting history.


    Am I completely missing something obvious?

      Under Workout Info, change activity to weights?


      To me it seems like weight lifting is a lot tougher to generate meaningful aggregate data in a report.  i.e. weekly mileage makes sense, but my intuition is X total lbs lifted seems like a much less useful metric.

      Know thyself.


        Yep... that was my initial thought is that I'd select weights and then be able to change the graph to reflect that activity I was working with...


        When I record a weight day, I change the overall activity to weights, then change the exercise to Squats and record, 3 sets of 10 at 120 lbs.

        I was kind of interested in looking at my past performance over the past couple of months to see if my reps / weight has changed.  If you check my logs you can see the way I record a weight day, and it may give you an idea of how I'd be interested in seeing a particular activity over time.