Bike Across America (Read 64 times)

    Hi everyone--I am biking across America with Ulman Cancer Fund's 4K for Cancer next summer! 


    The goal of the trip is to raise awareness, unite communities, and inspire hope towards the eradication of cancer. We will be doing this by visiting cancer patients at hospitals and cancer centers, as well as raising awareness about UCF’s mission in the towns we stop at as we trek across the country.


    I am reaching out to you all for support through tax-deductible donations. Among other uses, the money we raise goes towards supporting patients as they face the unique set of problems that come from a cancer diagnosis: the social, medical, educational, and employment impact can make cancer especially difficult for young adults, and the money and awareness from this ride can help make a difference. 90% of the money raised goes directly to UCF’s support services



    I am currently working towards my goal of $4,500 and need your hep. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.


    Here is the link to donate to my fundraising--I really appreciate it. Thank you! http://bit.ly/rohan4k