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    I have had a sore knee(below the knee cap) since February. At the time I was increasing my mileage while training for a marathon. It hasn't been painful while I am running just after wards. I decreased for a couple months and it did not change.  I am currently training for another marathon and it has gotten worse. I now have a lump where the pain is and it is painful while running. I did suck it up and go to the Dr. a month ago and he thought it was just "runners knee" or an over use problem; I could keep running and it wouldn't get worse but wouldn't get better. I was fine with that because I didn't want to quit training ! I am now wondering if it could be something more, the pain is increasing and my knee gave out during a run. I have my marathon in three weeks and will decrease my mileage significantly afterward. Just wondering if any one has experienced this and if it does sound like over use or something more?

      I'd say if your knee is "giving out" then maybe you need a 2nd opinion from a medical professional who isn't afraid to get an image of your knee.

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        It does sound a lot like "runners knee".  The feeling of giving out is one symptom.


        If your marathon is three weeks out, you should be tapering anyway since your training phase is done.  Cut your mileage and be aggressive on icing and stretching.  Ice it 2-3 times a day minimum.


        Couple of good articles.




          I feel your pain, same happened to me during marathon training.  I found these web sites useful:





          Good luck in finding a good Dr & PT.  I am doing currently doing eccentric exercises along with some other strength exercises recommended by my PT and hope to do some light running next month.


          The real trick seems to be trying to prevent a recurrence.  Is it a form issue or muscle imbalance? Is it a shoe or terrain issue? Is one leg longer then the other ect...


          For me the continuous icing only went so far and ignoring pain is probably not the best thing long term.

          What was I chasing again?

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            "Patellar tendon pain can occur in a number of different sports, most commonly in those that load the area (eg, weightlifting) but also in jumping sports and those that produce significant deceleration forces through the tendon, eg, basketball, squash, fencing, jumpers and field sports with high traction forces (such as hockey played on Astroturf). All patellar tendon pain was once referred to as ‘jumper’s knee’."


            They don't even mention running as a possible source of patellar tendonitis.  Sorry, but I'd ignore that possibility as your symptoms don't match, IMHO.


              I have started using my roller for my legs and that did help quite a bit after my last run, along with ice etc and it does seem to help. I think it probably is just an over-use issue. I ran my last 20 miler today and I actually felt quite good (ibuprofen before I ran), I think I will wait and see how it goes while I am tapering before my marathon! The knee giving out scared me a little but it hasn't happened on the last 3 runs. Thank you for  your ideas!!


                It ended up being diagnosed as Patellar tendonitis after being told it was runners knee, 6 weeks no running and now PT. Atleast he will let me run every other day! It never hurts to get a 2nd opinion! The first Doc told me I could keep running on it and it wouldn't do any harm..oops!

                  What did they tell you to do to treat patellar tendinitis?

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                    What did they tell you to do to treat patellar tendinitis?


                    Yes, Please share.  I'm still doing the eccentric exercises (slant board) I linked above for my "jumpers knee" as well as leg lifts and hip flexors to help strengthen the overall knee.  My PT thought my root cause was a muscle imbalance combined with over use.


                    I am consistently running 40 to 60 mpw again with no relapse as of yet.  I also had to take about 6 weeks off to let it heal up. I am curious to hear what they have you doing. 

                    What was I chasing again?


                      My knee is my best indicator that I need new shoes. Knees start hurting, I check the mileage on my shoes, and sure enough it's about time for a new pair. It doesn't sound like your problem was quite as simple, but something to keep in mind.

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